60, but kept telling myself not to go too cheap. Since we are talking about 1 000 piece of hardware, the bag that came with the dji mavic air 2 is pretty much garbage. You drop thsd bag. You are bound to break something. This case, however, is rock solid, strong quality materials made in canada, and i don’t mind supporting my fellow canadians um a torontonian myself. Cutouts are perfect, the foam is durable and will last forever. In my estimation, soft phone degrades over the years in my personal experience, this foam is different and not flimsy is strong. The clasps are second to none. It will not pop open spontaneously the way it’s designed the clasps are strong and unique. They are like double release. Clasps not like a single lift and release the solid case. Plastic feels luxurious when it comes to plastics. If there is such a thing as luxurious plastic, the hinge runs all the way across the back of the cover and looks super strong, durable, as does the carry handle pictured. Is the olive green color i got, you will not be disappointed. Im not, and i highly recommend the product can’t comment on durability over the years, but i have a high degree of confidence. It will last this case is built like a tank and holds everything you need to fly your mavic air drone. The quality of the build is the first thing i noticed if pelican brand cases set the industry standard this case from nanook is every bit as good.

At half the price there are enough insert pockets to hold everything, including batteries, chargers, extra props, etc. I use an 8 inch tablet to view my flights rather than my cell phone, and even that fits under the foam in the lid. I love being able to grab this case, knowing everything i need is in there and no worries about anything ever getting damaged. Even if i dropped the case, i highly recommend nanook brand cases. This case is great. The fit and finish is superb. The mavic and other items fit perfectly everything is nice and snug, but not too snug. I like that. The battery charger fits flat and has plenty of room for the cable, so the charging cable won’t get crimped other cases. I’Ve seen have the charger vertical.