I bought this drone as a gift for my son. He is six and will be his first drone after he unboxed it. My first impression of it was that it seemed well built the drone felt solid and slick plus. It was nice and compact after flying it for an hour, or so it was really easy to pick up and fly. The controls were easy. Get used to camera was nice and clear with a wide angle. Overall, my son loves this drone and i couldn’t agree more first drone for beginners it’s, better for indoor instead of outdoor since it’s lightweight, so the wind might affects the drone stability. You may use your phone or the controller. This depends on your preference it’s, not the best, but the price matches its quality. I still think it’s really suitable for beginners. If you want it’s a professional throw, this will not be the one Music. This is my first time buying a drone. I had several crashes at the beginning of the flight. Most of them had doors with a few nicks and scratches to the propeller, but still flying very well. I am very satisfied with the spare parts included in the product. The drone is ideal for flying indoors and outdoors. This drone is small each time the battery can give you five to seven minutes, depending on how many times you flip or how long in the fastest flight mode. I am 100 satisfied with my purchase.

They put just enough features and to make this a perfect first drone purchase. My son asked for me for a drone for so long. I choose this one, because the good reviews and the price wasn’t expensive. It has 120 degrees wide angle, hd work, which is great value. My seven years old, easily play with it works. Perfect came inside the box with everything needed. I can’t rate it five star because it was not working on arrival with fully a charged battery paired controller. Somehow it worked the day after therefore, i do question the quality control of this drone. My son was thrilled to play with the drone it’s easy enough for him to control with the remote and iphone the live. Video streaming to iphone works great and feels like we are playing video games, let’s see how long it lasts, and i will update more here to help other buyers Music.