Today we will be unboxing, this propel maximum drone, it’s 14 plus, so our dad will be driving it let’s unbox it now. This looks sick, it’s, not sick, Music, okay, let’s, open it right, wow wow, look at the drone in the controller, so this is the drone and the controller that looks like control. I mean drone up here and the controller down here. The drone is really smooth and also okay. We got the drone out, let’s get the backside: wow, hey there’s, a construction manual, a charger and some extra welding um. If it breaks oh yeah, that’s cool. This is so cool, whoa and remember. These are the black ones, and these are the gray ones. Don’T. Try no don’t try to think these are there’s some tape over here. So you have to take these out and then you just pull this sheet and look. The trunk came out it’s fee for business. Yay, this is the back side that it also has landing area. Okay, we got out the tape over there. That was really wow it’s, so small. This is also really sick, but i’m, not sure over. Here it looks like this. Language is french, so the drone is for both english and french. I think there’s, not even we’re gon na ask our daddy to see where the batteries go on these things and how to charge them. Okay, let’s see here’s the battery it’s, like a blade blade. This is the charge here, like it’s, a usb charger, so maybe you can charge it with your phone or with your phone charger or maybe with your laptop yeah, okay, but now, which i definitely no okay, oh so to charge.

You have to remove the battery, and you have to put the battery here like this like this into this, and then you just charge it it’s a small battery it’s, a small drone like you, can see on my hand. So so can we, like put it on my hand, to see yeah wow it’s, so small that’s, big on your hand, kind of yes and then we’ll put it on charging and then we’ll try to fly it inside. Oh there’s, tiny motors here, there’s motors yeah. You see these small motors on each of the propellers. This is what makes the drone fly, so they have more motors small motors on each of the propellers, so four propellers have four motors on it and there’s some extra propellers in this bag yeah just in case. If you break them, then they have given some extra propellers uh, plus a screwdriver and some other tools as well or maybe screwdriver is to remove this screw. So we’ll remove the screw and see what kind of batteries goes in there screwdriver i didn’t triple aaa boundaries. I didn’t triple a so it requires two aaa batteries, so we’ll put the aaa batteries in the controller and then we’ll charge our drone and then we’ll fly let’s, see what the book says. So the books talks about putting the batteries in the charger first and then connecting the lithium poly battery to the charger, and then they say you can put it on a charger.

It says you can use a charging card with the computer. Usb do not use other usb charging devices, so maybe the computer is the one which you should use, not your phone charger and then it says the red light on usb plug lights up when charging is completed, okay and average flying time it says, is five minutes And approximate charging time is 35 to 40 minutes. So if you charge for 35 to 40 minutes, you can fly it for five minutes and here’s what the controllers are for. So this one here is to turn the power on and off uh. This is power indicator. If your battery is low or high, these are the two. This is the control. If you want to do a stunt on your drone – and this one is for your speed setting, if you they’re three speed settings so slow medium and fast, and then it has these two, this knob is for uh throttle and yaw, and this one is actually for Directional control this says left right and back forward and back so that’s what it is, and this button here is for autoland. So if you want to land the drone, you just press it and it will automatically land it. Yeah. Okay, you can’t use it in when it’s snowing when it’s raining, when it’s foggy or when there’s a thunderstorm warning you can’t use in those. So it has to be a nice, clear weather and then so they say it had an idle space.

So you can fly within 200 feet or 61 meter radius within the controller and the drone don’t go too far. Otherwise it will lose the contract contact contract. Okay, so we will charge it test it out and we will make a video of that and then we’ll continue. So the drawback restarts we know, because this is glowing red and charged into my dead computer so and the bag is right here and i guess we’re going to try it out now. Let’S put the battery and the drone now okay, this will go here and this battery will slide in here slide it like this. It goes in there and then we take this and very gently. We will insert oh there, you go so every side lights are hanging. We’Ll put it down here and then so now we will sync the remote to our drone white and red light are flashing, so once we turn it on it’s going to beep and then we move the car all the way up and then all the way down. So this is solid and those lights are also solid. So now it’s ready for takeoff. Are you guys ready one? Two three take off there? You go whoa that’s, pretty sick, there’s, so much air under it too that’s cool it what’s your cameraman. It is guys this is like so sick but i’m. Not how much time do i need to say this is not. If you have to land it, you just press the landing button and then it goes and lands right.

There boom wow what’s, making that noise took the drone outside and now we’re going to dust it out here do not go on like outside don’t. Let the water get on it. Oh papa bring back your small rain thanks for watching.