If you didn’t get the combo bundle it the same battery as the one included with the mavic mini. I like the battery, however best buy had it for 10 less. I wish amazon price match same flight time and behavior as the batteries included with the mavic mini combo pack. It did a battery firmware update when first connected with the app i ran through several power cycles. Good oem battery is factory original, just like the one that came with the mini ifi need, more will buy again. The mavic mini has been great, ordered an extra battery, no issues i get abba 24 minutes or so on. Life depends on outside conditions, sport, mode, etc. Small and compact it’s nice to have a long runtime. I don’t know what else to say about dji’s products besides they’re great, if you see a negative review and hear their idiots complete idiots, there’s, nothing better than a dji, mavic mini or any other dji drone, normal mavic mini battery. I bought the fly more combo, but figured i would buy an extra to key in the drone as well. Four batteries total equals tilde two hours of fly time just wish they weren’t almost fifty dollars.