I promised you a review of the new holy bro, Copas, 2 HD and indeed in this Kari, and I said she wrong – you can fit these in the carry case with the props on good. Oh look at that. Fantastic, so yeah, if you, if your backpacks like mine and you really don't, have a compartment for storing quads, you don't to stick it on the outside, because people might, you know, I say well: we've all grown up, it's a handy little carrying case fantastic, brilliant, excellent And so let's have a look at what should get for your money. You get the same same sort of stuff that I mentioned with the little cine whoop, all the little bits and pieces, and there we go that's that's the HD I turn around. So you can read the writing: it's the copis 2 HD v, HD video and, as you can see, it's got the DJI air system installed the DJI digital camera and antennas now I'm gon na talk about the antenna routing. In a moment it looks. Nice looks out of the way you know you think well, that's, pretty damn spike isn't it you're not going to get. Those in turn is caught up in a prop or anyone elses properly yeah racing, if you use it for racing but it's, not quite as good as it looks. I'Ll tell you about that on the bottom little pad for your battery battery strap, really, you know, it's a it's, a pretty straightforward quad.

Now, as I said, I did review the the analog version, the copis 2 analog and their lives with run cam 5 and with the white material in the arms, and I mentioned yesterday that I had reservations about that material. But it seems to stood the test of time now things to note. Basically, I think is this a little bit higher yep. I think they made slightly longer standoffs, not sure just to fit everything in but it's. You know the motors are different, as you can see compared the motors the the HD has got bigger motors these the analog one head. What are they? I can't read without my damn glasses. They said those are pro 2, hang on a minute time for some some granny glasses. Well, here we go sorry. It should have researched this earlier. I on the analog version, has got the 40s. The digital one has if 60s, so there you go. We got a bit more grunting, your so this stuff. This is a set up to success. I think on the digital version – and one thing that I wanted to know is because people were saying: oh, you know the extra wide of the HD system in life sort of stuff, but hey this compare apples with apples there's the two systems which one do you Think is heavier okay. Admittedly, if you're racing you probably not gon na, have you run care more your decision or you go pro with everyone here, but if you're going out for some freestyle, you would eat some HD footage, which one do you think weighs the most.

Well, I found the scales that don't show the blood after much. Looking so let's find out, let's find out to you that I'm, big and actually the digital might be lighter, but I haven't checked yet cuz, I think just behind the scale so let's turn them on. If we can turn them on, maybe go turn on the scales. The moment of truth here we go here. Is the HD system no battery or really to fly apart from a battery? What do we get I'm trying to get us at the battery strip? Doesn'T touch the ground there we go 371 grams, yeah it's, pretty light. You know, it's, not bad. Actually, so the analog one basically the same configuration you got your if BB, transmitter and you've got an HD recording camera moodily it's 4k in this case. But how much do we why there Wow look at that it's 26 grams, heavier whoo, so yeah there's, no white penalty to having a digital system? If you are happy with the digital onboard recording and you don't need a separate camera is actually take the run cam out of the air and see what it's like without. If I can get it out, there's a really good mount. I love these mounts. They'Re, brilliant they're rubber and that almost impossible to your camera will never fly out of these new house. Trust me: okay, let's see what it weighs yeah it is. It is lighter, if you're not running a separate camera, only 340 grams, so that's, like 31 grams, lighter for the analog system without an HD recording chemistry in racing trim.

This is going to be lighter, but it's got smaller motors, so hey ho. I think this may still outperform it right. So what you know so one thing also noticed was that the arms are a different material. Now I don't know whether they took on board where I said about the arms press being a little bit weak but mic to these arms or caliper to them, and these these are four point: nine millimeters thick these arms on the old one, four point: nine millimeters And on the new one: wait for it! If the five millimeters says point one of a millimeter, thicker it's gon na make a lot of noise in the world yeah I'm happy. The arms should be strong enough and you can combine your arms because, as with all the holy bro stuff, it comes with a complete list of spare parts. If you want to be a parts there you go now. Yes, I've got no concerns about the motors. No concerns about the the frame. The frame certainly works. Well, the the key and they've used TPU there's some TPU parts here. Let me just pull and show you the TPU bits. Okay, I lied. I think it's TPU it. No, it is TPU. It feels like TPU you've used TPU here, but this is a little bracket, but it's just quite well thought out, because it holds the antennas hard against the case here, because you know if you took a tumble, your antennas could pop out because these these connectors don't Stay in very well, I think a lot of people with DJ systems have discovered that these can pop out and bit of a ding.

It can leave your video transmitter without an antenna, not a good thing, although the thermal management should avoid the unit being damaged. But this makes sure these are not going to pop out, which is kind of important. The other printed piece here is this antenna holder, its TPU, nice and flexy, but I've discovered something in flying now. The little cine whoop I'm able to go long distances even on 25 milliwatts and which is kind of good. So I only run usually 200 milli watts, which means the battery lasts a little bit longer, doesn't get so hot, but this thing see: 100 milli, watts, I'm, getting 200 300 meters away and I'm starting to get down to two bars a signal. Sometimes a latency pops up, because I think what's happening is that the antennas are actually in line with the frame and when you're flying towards yourself you're blocking a great deal of the signal, with the frame also they're, quite close to the frame antennas don't like operating Within a wavelength or so of a conductive material – and you know this piece of the frame here, if you look at the antenna – that's no wavelength at five point – eight gigs is what oh good. I think about that. I don't know most about 24 millimeters or something – and maybe maybe I don't know anyway, but that certainly probably close to a wavelength so probably affecting quite affecting the radiation pattern of these antennas having them down here well, it's great from a the point of view.

They'Re not going to get broken or bent or caught on in thank from RF performance perspective. It'S, not so good. This this this really even around the mini quad track I'm getting pixelation in places where I wouldn't expect to get it. Where are you talking? You know? 100 meters so I'm going to try repositioning these antennas later and see. If I, if I run them up here, having them the normal position poking at the top, is that going to improve my regular feeling it's going to make a huge difference, see that Rob maybe got a daddy a unit I don't know, but certainly the range is Not nothing like what I would expect and nothing like the other holy bro suni quad, which is strange because really when you go something that travels this fast, you want extra range, because if you're freestyling too, if you go through Bandos or you know, just cutting through A bit few trees and things you want the signal to cut through the undergrowth you don't want it being marginal, so I think these are great mechanically, but from a RF perspective, not so good. Maybe these antennas should be up the top ear, free and open to speak to the world. A five pointed gigahertz, okay, folks bonus update. I just went out. I changed the antenna, just one of them, stuck it up like that world of difference at night and day. I went twice as far and still had really good signal.

Didn'T drop below three bars the whole way, so yeah it's the antenna placement that's compromising the range on this thing. If I had a 3d printer I'd make a little thing up that went across here and held both the antennas out of 45 degrees, I don't, if a 3d printer, maybe I should get a 3d printer. So go to the comments down. Tell me what 3d printer I should get or if you're a company that makes 3d printers or sells them and you'd like me to review your product, then contact me and we'll we'll see and I'll review it for everybody to see and I'll start with making something For this, and maybe Holly bro will make it as an accessory well might be they'll change of design little and offer this as an option in the box with the user or not so he can be flying freestyle. I really do recommend keep these antennas up away from the frame if you're just racing. This may be okay, but even on the type track we've got here in some corners, it was getting pretty damn pixelated with them way down here. So there you go now, as I said, with the little cynic whatever it is. This is a quality machine. Holly Berg used the quality parts it's all very nicely engineered. Just if I go back to that other little tiny, soonly whoop that I had before this thing. Look at that screw here there that's all month, it's all mangled up because they used the soft screw material.

When I got it, it has already been munched up and I can't get that screw out. So I can't even dismantle this thing to to put a new flight controller and or anything I would have to drill that out. I mean seriously the screws that Holly bro views are nice hardened steel, they're, not they're, not just soft mock metal and not the cheaper screws in the world, so they have. They use high quality, fitments and pieces, and that just gives you confidence that this thing isn't going to fail. You so I'm really happy and all this like. Even if we look in the society, these solder joints are beautiful, beautifully soldered, where the motor wires go onto the forum on ESC it's, just it just oozes quality, and this you know that's what you pay for this. What you get by quality buy once that's, what I say but yeah I mean I can't complain. It flies really nicely. I haven't had to change the tune at all because it's it just suits my flying there. My flying is rusty as hell. I haven't flown around the track. All the trek pulled it down near about ten months are going to haven't flown around a track since so my flying is just awful but have a little bit of a look at it, and you can laugh along with me. Am i terrible flying – and I found this tracker and sigit here – that's – probably no more than quarter throttle honestly, no more than cordless model for the entire thing, because I'm, just not good enough to use any more throttle, but it just it really is nice.

It feels confident I got down low. I felt happy flying low because the digital systems gives you so much more information to your eyes. Then analog doesn't, just you feel more confident when you're flying low, so what I'm gon na do in a future. Video is I'm. Just going to compare the analog to the digital fly them one after the other side by side and give you my my thoughts as to the pros and cons of each because they did. You know it's, not perfect, I mean there's, you know there are. There are issues, but perhaps I should touch on the price thing again for people who want to compare analog to digital now, Holly bro products aren't cheap. We know that they're not cheap, they're, not Ted, and if you want cheap, buy one of those and regret it for the rest of your life. This is this thing: it's it's, never flown since the flight controller. Finally, failed, I just it wasn't worth putting a new flight controller in it's, just no it's, just not worth it every time you crash the side panels pop out and the cameras pretty lackluster and the props were made of plastic, not polycarb, so they fly apart on Their own, so this machine, you know it's cheaper, then the Halle Berry product, but man it the rate there's, a reason why this it looks pristine and new and hardly ever flown, and this thing looks like it's, been through the wars, because this is so much better To fly it's a it's, an investment I've been going back to this, but let's do a side by side comparison, because I know a lot of people saying well, you know: lazy air units are expensive and their digital system cost money.

Let'S say you were starting from scratch. This could do a price comparison, let's say: you're gon na have a HD recording camera in here you buy yourself a run cam for or go if you get a GoPro session or a GoPro, six or seven or eight or whatever. So you know spend a bit of money to get an HD recording camera on here right, it's built into there. Then you've got an fpv camera. This is got ta, be the good fpv camera. These days is still quite expensive. You can buy cheap ones, but they're, just it they're cheap they don't handle all like so well. Some of them are going a bit late and see some of them. I got you know: nasty lenses so but it's built into the DJI system, then you're gon na have to have a video transmitter. Now you can get them in a stack and they're dead, medley they're pretty cheap. These days, you can get a a you know, reasonably good video transmitter, even if you get the the TBS product, which is really good quality product, no 50 bucks, but then it all adds up it's already part of the digital system from fpv from DJI. Now also you're going to need a receiver you'll have to put a receiver in there. So I've got a little ixom plus in here and that's. Okay, they're, not expensive, but again it's. Another 20 30 bucks, maybe 40 bucks. If you buy putting something like crossfire on.

You gon na be paying you know, maybe a little bit more 30 40 bucks or something I'm, not sure. So you add that up add up the prices of this and this and the video transmitter. The video transmitter antenna your radio control receiver well it's, going to come probably to more than the 150 US dollars that the air system costs in the air system gives you all that it's got the receiver it's got the fpv cameras got the HD recording it's got Your antennas and it's got the receiver and they say it's like everything. So when you add it up actually there's as much money in here more money in here with this camera on, then there is in there, so hey ho it's actually cheaper. I think in many cases to fly digital once, of course, you've got you goggles and if you're gon na use the DJI transmitter. If you've got your DJI transmitter and do this thing, I'm gon na do the thing on the murder in fact there's a video which will be out of sequence coming up shortly. Witches they're just acknowledging that I got this from DJI. They send it to me for free now there you go always got to disclose stuff. There'S people might think. Oh, you know he's he's shilling now I'm, not shilling, because although I got this for free, Thank You DJI. There are no affiliate links in my description and I don't use it all the time I still love flying analog but I'm just trying to make it clear to people now.

Why would you buy that or that? What are the differences so yeah that this transmitter? I was a little bit skeptical, but it actually works quite well. The only thing I don't like is a switch position you actually are always reaching. When I try to land up, I don't find these switches to intuitive for disarming and things so bare. I'Ll get used to there and of course the thing is that this has got the full range as well. So you know you should, in theory, get the full kilometers under ideal conditions. I don't think people have been getting there. Some people have, but not everyone. Most of the long range flights i've seen using digital systems have got crossfire for the ac link, but if you're just flying around proximity racing, the did you i transmit it is, is just fine and you see when i pull it apart and in the upcoming video It'S pretty well engineered it's, a pretty well built piece of kit. Its simplicity and plainness betrays the fact that inside there's a lot of goodness. So are you going so that's about it for this? If I've got some more flight, footage I'll leave you with it. Otherwise, thanks for watching comments to the comment a bit down here and if you've got questions in, please ask them: I'll do my best to address them and a follow up. Video and I'd have to say if I was looking for a bind and fly quad and I had the DJI digital system yeah, and this is so much fun.

It is a fun. I mean the thing you can have fast. You can have the new rule. You can have quality. The bottom line is fun. Is it fun? Yes, it's a heap of fun, it's it's, probably the funnest quad I've got at the moment. This will be getting totally worn out in the next few months as the air summer arrives, as it eventually arrives, and so I expect to see this covered and dirt and completely almost destroyed I'll do my best to destroy it. I'Ll, let you know if I manage but I'm going to reposition these empty in this first make sure I can get some bit of range there. You go that's it bye for now. Oh thanks, not patreon supporters. Nomid rolls nomid rolls on a ski model.