Youre gon na see this is gon na, be the kit for you. So first off lets get rid of the hats. So, do you remember back in the day, i did a review of the emacs easy pilot. A lot of people bought this kit. Its a ready to fly kit comes with the goggles, the controller, the drone, the batteries, the battery charger except people grew out of it very fast, and they said i want something better. So emacs made the tiny, hawk 2 freestyle kit, goggles controller, the drone, the battery charger everything inside, but a lot of people couldnt fly it because it was too advanced for them. So they had to make some other things, so they they have a lot of different versions of the tiny hawk too. So what theyve made now – and i think this thing is brilliant youre – going to see its different than all the other kits ive shown you in the past and probably different than the kits im going to show you in the future. It is 100 designed for beginners. So it comes in this little case and ive already unboxed it. So i cant show you much more about that, but let me show you whats so cool about it. So, first off you get the drone and youre, probably looking at it, going well thats, nothing exciting! Its a plastic drone, while it is the tiny hawk 3 and its the tiny, hawk 3 fpv kit ready to fly.

So in this little thing here you get the goggles, the controller, the battery, the battery charger and a bunch of other accessories. The difference with this baby is for me a guy whos. A pro is that its made really well, and it runs on a 1s battery and a lot of people in the fpv hobby. If you make a tiny whoop, we all love 1s battery tiny whoops, because you fly them indoors and outdoors. This is made to grow with you. Its got a 200 milliwatt vtx that shoots out the video signal at the back, so thats great for a lot of people. Wait to see the goggles on the controller youre going to be blown away, the camera up front. I like it because it is adjustable so beginners will always leave it, pointing forward like this, and when you become a pro you will do this, because then your drone flies like that emac says they made this super durable so that it grows with individuals. And one thing i do like about: it is everythings easy to access. I hook this up to betaflight myself. Beginners will never hook it up to betaflight, but i did. I wanted to see how everything works and everything looks pretty darn good and its easily accessible. So thats a nice touch with that the 1s battery slides in the bottom – and it has the typical emax connector on the back. So you probably already have it a lot of emacs batteries.

If not a lot of companies make these with these connectors and theyre dirt. Cheap and you just hook them on okay. So with all my talking, let me show you what makes this different from everything else: ive ever reviewed on the market, so this is the controller they made the controller so that it is compatible with other drones. Besides this, so when you buy the kit, you can use this controller with future drones that you buy from emacs or some other companies. I think i think i could not confirm it. I think this connects to like a d8 receiver, so like an fr sky d8, which you can get in a lot of drones, you have three way switches on the top here. Ill hide my face, so it focuses up here i put little stickies on because i can never remember where everything is, so you can see what mines say up there, so you can see on one side over here. I have the arm switch to start and stop the motors over here. You have your angle mode horizon mode and acro mode. As you become an expert over here, you have the beeper that you could turn on and off. In case you lose the drone. You turn the beeper on, so you can find it easily and over here you have your flip over. If your drone lands upside down, you can flip it back upright without having to go pick it up yourself.

The controller does come with an 18650 battery thats rechargeable and it lasts for quite some time so youre looking at the controller going well, that is pretty cool, but why is it so amazing steve hang on? Let me get to it. So then you have the goggles. The fpv goggles and yes, you can put a micro sd card in the goggles to record your video when flying a lot of beginner kits on the market. Usually do not have that this one has it, which is pretty good. You get two antennas, but oh no! Oh, no, let me show you something really cool see this strap. I wear glasses right watch this all you, people who wear glasses are gon na love. This okay. I try to get it over and watch watch what happens it doesnt fit right. Oh my god. I cant use this because it wont fit over my glasses. Well guess what watch this plink? Yes, the display comes off the front, so you can fly your drone hand this to somebody else, and they can just see what your camera on the drone has seen as well as recording. So if you have a recording and youre playing back, you can just take this and hand it to people and say watch my flight. Look at what i went under the tables and chairs and all the other cool stuff check this out. Not only that, but this connects to this so that you can fly it like a camera drone like your dji drones and autel drones and hubsans drones thats, why i say for everyone: whos used to camera drones, who wants to get into the fpv hobby.

This is pretty sweet, so this connects right here. So now you fly the drone just like a camera drone. Yes, you stare at this. All your information is on there as your little guy flies through the sky watch this. So let me give you a demo of this actually working, so you can see me fly it right here. Alright, so the first thing youre gon na do is take your switches on your controller. Push them away from you. The top ones are three position. One. Two three and the bottom ones are two positions, which is one two, so push them all away from you, so theyre, not there. You can angle this any way. You wish its all adjustable next power on your remote right here. Just hold down the button. It will come to life. I should get a little green uh circle, because all my switches are away and my throttle is down and everythings ready to go. Next. Take your drone and just plug in the battery. It makes a really cool sound there. You go and then ill put a little emacs box over here. Ill. Stick the drone there so its facing me. So you get my mug in the shot there we are and well. We got nothing because i havent powered this on and then just power on your little unit here watch this should say emax and then you should see me here. We go tada there. We are, and you can fly like that, its pretty sweet and you can record the video just by hitting the r theres an r button on the side that says record hit that once it records to the micro sd card, then you can go into dvr theres.

A menu system and play it back fast forward or go through all the videos youve recorded in the past, play them back and show people its really cool. Now i dont think i can fly this in reverse like this. Let me try this. I dont care. If i crash it, but so its sitting right here, first thing i want to make sure to fly. It is im in angle mode, okay, so for angle mode. If i look at my little sticker, i stuck on here its push all the way. This way, so there we go and on my screen it should say a n g or something like that. Where is it? Oh there? It is up there in the top left it says angle. Can you see that right here it says angle, mode right there so were in angle mode, thats thats? What i want to fly indoors also so it doesnt hurt me and hit me in the head. Next, i have to find the arm switch, which is this one over here start spinning, and then you have your throttle control. This is gon na, be scary. Do not try this unless youre, ah its still going all right, it hit the walls over there, but at least you saw the video as it was flying and then at the end of its flight. It shows you right there on the screen of the time. The results and everything to do with your flight see that all right, so let me hold it closer this time and ill just send it up ill.

Let it crash im not worried about this thing crashing because its designed for that, so let me go over here to the arm. There we go. You can see me its going to go up in the air, so ill, try not to get hit in the head. Here all right were going to try this again so arm its spinning and now uh wheres. My throttle thinking out here. Oh this is so dangerous. Here we go ready up Music there. She goes im still flying oh im stuck through the ceiling. I can hit the arm switch and she fell to the ground there. We are so as im saying this im telling you this thing is really durable made for beginners. You can have a lot of fun with this all right. So what im going to show you? Next is uh me flying this around the house, because um thats my plan im going to fly it around the house to see how cool it is. Then im going to take it outside and give it a flight, then ill show you everything you get in this case and you do get a lot of good stuff and yeah and thatll be the video its pretty darn sweet. Here we go all right. This is the indoor flight and its going to be a little bit different. I have the little display unit over here im going to power it on. So you can see my flight im going to fly with my fat shark goggles on and im going to record the entire video in this little guy and youll see what the quality is like.

So here we go all right so power this guy on. We should see emacs there, we go its gon na power on youll just see snow because i havent plugged the battery in here im about to plug it in. As long as you have your controller on ready to go, then you can plug this in last, and here we go watch. This should see an image popping up on there yeah so everywhere. I move it so thats how youll see the flight as well as the video im going to show you thats recorded on here. So let me just start. The record. All you have to do is hit the r button thats on my side, im going to hit it once a little red dots going to appear up here. You probably wont see it clicked and its recording there we go. This video is now recording. So now i just have to put this drone down someplace and were going to fly it around my house. So how about i put it right here, so you can see it, take off put the fat sharks on, and i just have to make sure that we are. It says, angle mode. I can see it in the top right. So what was the arm switch on here again, no its over on the left? Okay, there we go so lets. Go up. This should be easy to fly indoors. Whoa miss that chair go over this way, so you can see you can fly slow and through your house very nicely.

I do have it set for 100 milliwatts, so it will get some interference. You see the little flickers going on the screen, but thats normal thats. Just because the interference in my house lots of wi fi going everything else, but uh yeah. You could always keep the image go over my head there. We are come back this way here, ill even fly it over to the camera. Lets go around this way. Take it nice and slow come on over here and lets go around this way around me and then over here in front of the camera whoa there we are looking out hey. I can look outside well a little bit of sun out. There were going to fly out there pretty soon so and if you want to go faster, just go faster. One thing i forgot to show you im just going to show you when i land is to set your camera angle, so i set mine for indoor flying. So that means here. Let me just put it down on the ground plunk right there. So that means where youre right over here i dropped it see right here. I have the camera pretty much facing forward when you want to fly faster, you just tilt it upwards, because then the drone, in order for you to see straight, will tilt itself and want to go faster. So if you want to go slower, just make it more forward, you might get the props in the frame and everything but thats okay.

So when you fly outdoors, you might want to put it like this, a little bit to go through wind and if you want to go like super fast race, if you know what youre doing, then you can do that and youre going to go super fast. All right cameras should be looking at me, so the indoor flight is a success. Lets go, take it outdoors, it is kind of windy, but well see how it goes all right, its pretty darn cold outside right now. So i have the monitor and i have the drone and the controller im going to fly with my fat sharks im going to turn this on, put it over beside a gopro with this drone and go fly it and just to be insane im gon na. Take the camera up front here and see im gon na tilt. It way back like that, so the drone has to fly like this. So thats gon na give me a lot of speed. Im gon na fly in acro mode. I want to see how it does here. We go all right due to the brightness over there. The gopro adjusts itself to only record on items that are bright, so in other words since thats bright, and this is less bright. You cant see this display all right. So here we go so im recording the video that youre gon na see its recorded over in the little unit, the emax unit, so if its a good recording thats, what youll see ill put it someplace around here here we go im gon na stand.

This way facing the camera and ill put the display over here so ill stand over in the corner, and here we go stay tuned for lots of screaming so wheres the arm switch on here again all right. There we go here we go arm here. We go so lets boot. It yep. Ah it flies quite well lets bring it back see. I got a lot of speed here, its cold out. So can i do flippies yep? You can do flips. You can see its very much designed for beginners, because even the flips they are theres a you see that little shifting that it does at the end its trying to write itself so that, if youre a beginner, so you dont crash, even though im in acro mode. While it says air mode thats what its doing so pretty sweet there, so once again, if youre a beginner – and you can fly this well, you can fly most drones on the market that are fpv all right. I cant fly it too slow because i went and stuck the camera looking up, so it only wants to move forward somebody with their dog over there so ill, try to slow it down a little bit, miss all that there we go there we go. Where was that arm switch again, because i got ta turn it off its a boy here we go so lets. Lets bring it back, and let me give you my final thoughts on this baby lets.

Put it over here smash into the back of my head or my leg. This is the arm switch here, got it for a change, hey look. You can see the back of me all right next thing to show you is what you get if you buy this kit so check this out. The tiny hawk 3 comes in this interesting colored case, but everything fits in very nicely. The drone is entirely constructed of flexible plastic. This ensures that if you smash into walls you dont mark them and if you crash it outside its so light its not going to get damaged. I do like that you can move the camera up and down. So as you get better and want to fly faster, just adjust it as you wish. The drone is powered by a one cell 450 milliamp hour, lipo battery and the charger is included. You may wish to buy yourself extra batteries. A spare set of props are included as well as additional screws and battery straps. Total weight of the drone with battery is only 43 grams. The included radio is well designed, and emac says they did include upgraded joysticks compared to other radios. They sell the included fpv goggles are designed to work with every analog fpv drone on the market. Very nice design that you can pull the display off. They do have all the buttons you will need for such a display such as you know you can change your bands, your channels, you can stick a micro sd card in you can charge them up, no batteries required and you can even pull video out other accessories Included would be a usbc cable, plus all the hardware necessary to attach the monitor to your controller.

So basically, you just push this unit in tighten it in place with the included screw next insert the included nut into the mount attach the tripod head and secure it. In place with the bolt finally thread, the tripod head into the base of the display, monitor and youre all set, and now you have the perfect setup to fly fpv for the very first time. So my final thoughts on the tiny hawk 3 ready to fly kit for beginners would be yeah. You know emacs hit it out of the park. This is perfect for beginners everything about it, screams beginners. So you can have a lot of fun if you have no skills just fly in angle mode, and i do really really like that. The display comes off and you can record stuff and then play it back. Show your family, even after your first flight or whatever its pretty darn sweet and if the goggles fit over your glasses, then youre, fine or if you dont, wear glasses, then obviously wear the fpv goggles and have fun or you know later. If you want to keep this and buy yourself some extra goggles, you can buy fpv goggles that are different in size that fit over your glasses, which will cost you just over 100 bucks. I would think anyways the batteries are dirt cheap for this thing, so you know honestly, you can buy lots of batteries, they lots of companies, sell them just make sure you get the same connector.

So all in all, you know i dont have much more to say other than freezing out here. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and the links for where you can find this little baby are below right down here, check out the links and yeah im pretty much frozen. I cant move anymore because its like one degree celsius thats. What it is in fahrenheit all right guys take care catch in the next video bye. Music.