Hence, if you find the controls hard side to phone controls, very good product in this price, controlling is easy and front. Camera resolution is good. They also provide an extra set of rechargeable battery and wings. Your browser does not support html5 video Music. This is better quality than i expected all plastic parts, but feels sturdy and connects easily have only let it hover so far, but can’t wait to take it out to the beach and will update my review in windy conditions, Music great way to get into droning battery Life isn’t great, but they include two batteries. Controls are a little hard to use at first, but it’s nice. You can swap and use your phone instead i’ll away this drone very quiet and stable in the air. It goes up really high outdoor camera and video quality is very well clean shape and texture as amazing. Looking wise remote has a lot of functions to play with. I got this drone for my nephew. He liked it a lot. This drone was easy to handle. It can also shoot videos and save them directly to the phone. The drone was stable during its flight and the video quality is pretty good. My nephew got the drone crashed the ceiling of the house, but it is still working great. There were no noticeable damages and the video quality is same. There were also extra set of parts provided with the drone. Along with an extra battery.

The battery life is good. It is stable in its flight and also has smooth landing overall it’s a great product serves the purpose and also it’s strong. When i got this drone, i was a little afraid it wasn’t good, because isn’t a very expensive one, but i got very surprised when i tested because as really good one, the image of the camera is very clear and i definitely highly recommend to anyone who is Looking for a good drone with a good price, this is the first drone i have. It takes me a little time to get used to the controller. This drone also come with two batteries and extra propeller the camera. Only in one angle, i wish it can be move around short distance between drone and controller bought this drone, because it was the only drone with one day shipping and i needed it for the next day. Wasn’T a mistake, short description. The drone works as intended. It’S, compact and lightweight and handling the drone in mid flight is simple. The video quality is also fine. It saves the video directly to your phone extra details, there’s an app that goes with this, which uses the wi fi network to connect to the drone it’s pretty self explanatory in the manual. It also comes with an extra battery extra propellers, a usb charging cable with a power light and attachable legs. The remote requires three double a batteries which aren’t provided Music. There are two cameras, one for the front and one on stomach.