I love the lights on the drone, which makes it fun to fly in the evening. Camera is pretty good. App is cool too. This drone was very well packaged and did have some minor assembly required landing gear, camera and camera mount and attaching the props great mid level drone at affordable price. This is the first drone i have ever purchased, so i have already learned a few things. First off. I think this is a blast and has some pretty cool features. The number one recommendation i have, though, if you live in a neighborhood with close by houses, write your phone number on it, use a marker or labor or something Music. Just in case you lose it. I spent an hour trying to find it after it got away from me, had to knock on some doors. It can go fast and far quickly and take some getting used to. I would recommend flying out at a park at lower heights to begin get used to the controls. Also, you will need to download the app. I have an android and it connected super easy Music. You can actually control the drone itself from the app but, more importantly, it’s how, as you, control and store the video and pictures. I put a picture on here that shows which one to pick to connect to the app they have quite a few models to choose from the camera on the drone is pretty good, not amazing, but it is good.

It did come with extra parts down in the picture. I have crashed into my house and a tree pretty good and have not needed to replace anything. It is pretty solid from what i can tell. I took a picture of it flying, but you can’t even tell it is in the picture, so i didn’t bother putting it on here Music. I am hoping to get better at controlling it and maybe get a video posted overall great purchase, excellent price fun to fly. The quality looks really good to me for this price. A new good toy to play with didn’t. Try it yet, but i tried to use the controller, and it is really smooth to use, would try sometime soon and see the picture quality would recommend to friends. This is a very high quality drone it’s, quite cheap and the instructions are very clear. The camera works great as well.