This is the gd91 pro it comes in this really nice foam case and it’s a bit different than your average budget drone. Let me show you: if i open this up, you can see the drone, and then you see this other item over here. What the heck is that that’s, actually a speaker that you put on the drone and you can talk and have your voice carried. You know like a thousand meters away talking and saying: hey kids get off my lawn. So let me start by showing you the drone itself it’s a foldable drone, brushless motors, all that good stuff what’s different on it compared to other drones is if you check the bottom. You see this round item down here. So basically, in that round item they put two optical flow sensors. So you have two vice one like on most drones and there’s. Two led landing lights does have a two axis: camera gimbal in the front, and you can put a micro sd card in to record your video. Now they say the flight time on this gd 91. Pro is, you know like 28 minutes or 25 minutes, but i don’t i’m a little suspect of that, because this battery is kind of small it’s, not too big. So i’ll be very surprised. If i get that much flight time on the front here, you can see it comes with its own camera, gimbal guard. Let me pull that off and there you go.

You can see the two axis gimbal right here unfold that the drone looks like this. Let me show you what else you get in the box. The controller looks like this very, very, very skinny, but it is one of those ones where you pull the arms out. Now i have to tell you right now: i’ll put it up here, there is an unboxing at the end of this video, so everything i’m, showing you right here – is just really quick, showing you stuff, but at the end of this video i’ll show you all the Goodies that come in the box and every little thing and how it all goes together. Next, you get the speaker system. Let me bring that close. Can you see it it’s, a speaker it’s, an actual speaker, it’s, very, very light and it’s really loud and you get this little walkie talkie little walkie talkie a little mr. I don’t know, mr speaker, so when your drone’s up in the air flying this is on it and you grab this little thing and go hey. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now now, on the very back of this drone right here, there’s a compartment that comes off so that you can attach other accessories so i’m going to show you on the screen right now, the other accessories you can get. You can get a water gun that fits on top and i guess you remotely push a button and you could squirt people.

You can also get a detachment line type thing. So if you’re into fishing into carrying things, and then you want to launch it from the drone, you press a button and it will launch. So those are the other models that are available. Uh mine only came with the speaker, so i only got the speaker model. All right, so i guess the next thing to do is uh go fly this test. It out, see how it is here. We go first things. First power this on should get a bunch of blue lights in the back, and there we go put it down. The gimbal in the front will adjust itself next thing power on our remote. There we go the connect, you can see the power for the drone and the power for the remote, so everything’s connected next thing. Take your phone connect, your phone to the drone. You can see mine’s connected right here. The app you’re gon na use is vs. Gps start that click on the little arrow at the bottom and there we go now like all budget drones, you’re gon na have to do a compass calibration. The instructions tell you move the joysticks to start it also. I notice on here it says compass calibration. So let me try this one. It says right here is a picture of a compass, so let me hit that it’s lit up uh let’s, see if it turned it on so a compass calibration, for this is pretty simple.

Let me look at the lights. See these blue lights flashing that’s a good sign, so what we want to do is just turn this once two three times i hear a little beep and then it says, put the nose down once twice three times: let’s hope that’s solid at the back that’s good There’S another beep, so i guess we’re done solid green. Can you see that and i see solid blue so well? They were solid a second ago, so i think they’re flashing now because they’re getting the gps. Let me look on here. Am i getting the gps? Seven satellites let’s see if it will take off at seven satellites. Well, i guess it does. Let’S see uh how stable it is with seven satellites that’s, not a lot. Normally, you need like eight or fourteen, but let’s. Try it well. That’S pretty darn decent with seven yeah it’s right there there’s a breeze, pushing it this way. Okay, one thing i noticed on this drone already it’s got a lot of lights on it. Look in the front here: i’ll hold up this gopro, so you can see it a bit better, but here let me bring it down a bit and it’s got green lights in the front, not sure if you can see that the landing lights are on and the Leg lights are on so this is probably a really nice drone for flying in the dark. First item to test would be the recording quality, so here we go i’m gon na back up i’m far away.

How is that, and if i come close here, we go getting close to the drone how’s, the video quality, these little buttons here, control your camera up and down, and they make a little bit of a beep not too loud. So there we go so there. I am so here i am sideways backwards. I have a red shirt beige pants. How does that look blue blue little running shoes, all right, let’s, try the features first, one we’re going to try is the follow me. So if you look at the left of my screen, there’s a little man looks like he’s, uh, leaning forward and into a run i’m going to tap that see what it does. Some of these drones require that you go far far away before they work and follow, but let’s see i’m going to walk backwards here. Well, i’ll just turn my back to it see. If it follows me, this thing’s good, i saw a shadow coming. Is it gon na hit me at the back of the head? I never know with these budget drones that’s over there still got me. Follow me function works. Let me just try this way go over here. It does have a habit of start and stopping watch i’m. Staring at it so it’s there and then it’s going to come. So i don’t know what if i ran, what was that that’s got me so now the two axis gimbal works with the drone to go forward and backward start stop.

So it should look smooth and it also works if the drone goes side to side like wonky, but it doesn’t work when it turns left or right. So then the image looks odd, so i’m going to turn that off it does have a gesture mode too. You can see on my screen but i’m not going to use that gesture. Mode’S kind of boring it’s got an orbit mode. Let’S. Take it up to do orbit all right. The sun is blinding me, i’m, going to hit the button on top for orbit, which is this one, and it should just start orbiting. So for top spinning – and there goes the orbit perfect. So if i go instead in the center, i should be in the orbit. There we are so far everything that they said this drone. Does it does it? Does it perfectly i’m surprised the landing lights stay on, like i don’t know how to turn those off. You can see they’re quite bright on the bottom, the lights on this drone. I would say i’m gon na say it again. If i flew this at night, i think this drone would look pretty sweet, it’s, really designed for like night flying with all the lights blinking on it. It looks very ufoish all right, let’s turn that off there is a waypoint function on here. I hate waypoints, but here we go there’s i’ll just show you there’s my map make it bigger. You can see it on my screen.

You can see the drone. You can see me i’ll just put some waypoints here here and i don’t know i did two and then you would just let me zoom back in so i have two. I could put three four and if i want those waypoints to happen, i just click on the send button and there it goes it’s going to go. Do those waypoints over there now turning it’s going to go to the next waypoint there’s, probably into a tree. You can see it on my screen and then it’s going to turn. It should come back to me if i look at the third waypoint on here. Yes come back over here and that’s good, all right, so i’m gon na! Stop that let me take it up and take a few photos, so here let me go like this and i’ll. Take it up in the air and i’ll put it in photo mode: Music Applause, Music, so i’m flying it right now you can see some video i’m doing some video recording just to show you from up there. What it looks like this is very short. I can still see the blue lights: wow they’re, bright, Music, all right, it’s, doing a return to home let’s, see where it comes back and lands so there’s, my landing pad there it’s right over here, so not exactly on the home spot. Here, i’ll! Stop it and i’ll bring it over to where it should go and bring it down there we go so as suspected.

You do not get 20 minutes or 28 minutes on this thing. No i’ve got about maybe 15 minutes max so yeah. So if you order this drone make sure you get at least two or three batteries with it, because it uses a lot of power, i think for the lights and i don’t know how to turn them off. So, like i keep saying, the lights are on in the front: they’re very bright, they’re, very bright on the arms and they’re very bright on the bottom. You see that wow. All these all this light is sucking up oop my camera’s going weird. All this lighting is sucking up power everywhere, so yeah i’m not really sure how all of that works. Okay, i don’t think there’s enough power to fly with this, but uh i’ll give it a try, i’ll see if i could take it up. It’S, probably not going to do anything because there’s not a lot of power, but let me strap it on and give it a shot. So to get this working, you just press this button once you’ll see a red light up top, and then you turn this on. This has a power button here. These are all rechargeable, no batteries at all, all right, so this is on. This is on now to make sure it’s working. I just press it that’s feedback, it’s working all right with the speaker attached. It looks something like that. You know it’s very light.

It doesn’t weigh anything so it’s not going to really use up too much power, but this battery is pretty much dead, so i don’t know if it’ll take off. Let me try this all right. Let’S get her up, i’ll, send it out there with the speaker it’s over there, there’s kids walking they’re gon na laugh at this ready. Oh you can it works. It works, testing ramp, two three, all right, so my drone ran out of power and it landed over here it’s like beeping, saying there’s. No power left to fly so it’s all the way over here. So let’s pick that up.