I don’t recommend using gesture controls, as they are very laggy and most of the time they do not respond. As i have crashed my drone once with gesture control, luckily nothing happened. The obstacle avoidance sensor works like a charm and immediately stops when it detects an object. I recommend buying an otg cable to make the live, video less laggy, Music, the remote control is a must. So i wouldn’t recommend getting the base package. The drone itself has a dji drone that is cheaper by a lot than the rest. It has a whole lot of features. Music remember. It is cheaper than other dji drones, but it’s still quite expensive, so be careful. I would recommend getting this drone if you are looking for a great overall entry level drone that will keep you plenty busy this is it super easy to learn and fly. You really do have to read the manuals and watch the tutorial videos mainly to stay on top of pre flight, calibrations and other vital aspects to check other than that. If you are flying in ideal weather, you will have a blast with the spark. The combo pack saves you about 180 versus buying piece by piece. My only regret is that i didn’t buy an even larger combo pack for all of the bad reviews. I suspect little time invested in learning how to properly operate the drone for the price and size. This drone has great picture quality and with skill you can capture great shots and videos for the complaints of it flying away.

Well, that is almost always user error. As this drone has multiple fail safes, but if you don’t follow the process, you keep the drone from initializing correctly. It is no mavic pro 2 or zoom, but is a great option for those new to this hobby without getting ov. I am a new new to drones, new to all of this as someone who has only flown little drones, you’d pick up at walmart without any sort of gps or smart features. This thing is amazing. I was at work tracking this package, literally counting down each minute as hours hoping it would come shortly after i got home and it did literally minutes after i got home i’ve charged and killed both batteries a dozen times over the weekend and have a third battery On the way, i love this little guy it’s a ton of fun to fly, and i look forward to saving up and some day getting the mavic or phantom. I use this thing for fun: nothing, professional, just having fun and flying around. I registered my drone with the faa. I won’t fly above 400 feet ill fly during the day and i won’t fly directly over people. I am trying to be as responsible as possible if you’re on edge and have 500 to 600 pick up the fly more combo and pick the color you want the most.