This drone shoot excellent videos and is easy to control for a moderate beginner. Like me, my son had a phantom 3, which i warmed up on. He graduated to a mavic pro for his video work. I wanted the spark to elevate my business’s video game and it is a great tool to have in the box. If you are thinking about getting started in the world of drones, i highly recommend going for the dji spark with the remote control super, steady, picks, great flying modes and ultra portable. This drone checks off all the necessary requirements for your first drone extra points to dji. For superb customer service and really fast shipping, this is my first drone ever and i couldn’t be happier. The controller is easy to use and the drone is so small, yet steady would highly recommend to any other first time drone pilots, great drone – i buy this. For my brother, because he works doing videos – and this is the fourth dji drone – he buys great quality and perfect for professional use, great product and excellent service i’m. Just putting in questionable the battery life hope dji brings some battery for more fly. Time love this drone. I am a first time drone owner this little guy is awesome. Music. The spark is simply the best it has all the same sensors as the mavic, but in a much smaller size, the camera quality is great.