My only concern is that the top clamping bracket is made of plastic and in concerned it might crack on or break when stressed, whilst traveling with it in backpack, overall great design and well worth the money spent Music. If you own a spark and have a number of batteries, this is a really good charger to own. I used it to transport my spark and two extra batteries in my backpack. The best thing about it is the fact that it will charge the batteries as well, while you’re out without having to plug it in. I do not know how many recharges it will provide, but i was able to recharge two batteries to full Music buy it. If you do not have it yet Music, just had mine arrived yesterday, along with a couple of spare batteries, i charged the base by itself. First then used it to charge up both spares without a hitch. The system automatically shuts off after charging. So no problem of overcharging batteries, the design was well thought out, as you can use this as a carrying case and base charger. It indeed is a all in one system. This charger is awesome very well worth the money charges, batteries twice as fast as the normal charger that comes with the spark and the charger has a battery in it, which charges your drawn when you’re out in the field. The battery charger keeps your drone and its propellers locked in place, so there is no damage to your drone.

The only thing i wish it came with was a case for the charger. I have ordered one and it is currently on its way.