This drone weighs 249 grams, which is extremely lightweight when it comes to drones. This number is also significant in the drone world because any drive Music, even the higher up drones from dji can’t, achieve that great camera. The gimbal on this drone is fantastic. It allows you to move the camera up and down and just keeps the balance of the video still it records at 2 7k head max, which is nt bad at all gps. This drone uses gps and it has a feature called homing. So if the drone disconnects from your phone and you lose contact, the drone will come back in it. Won’T hover around in lean negatives, automatic video adjustments, you can’t control, the white balance or anything of the sort for most people like me, it doesn’t matter, but for others it does fragile. This drone is fragile. By that i mean, if you crash it and a sensor goes off, then the drone may end if one goes bad. The thing won’t work. This happened to me. I was flying my drone when, on the way back, i hit it on a branch it fell. In my backyard and my dog got to it before i could, even though the damage was not significant and the drone looked just fine, a sensor went off which bricked my drone, i haven’t had any issues with the wi fi, but my friends who have dji say That there is a difference, no official waterproofing, this drone does not have any official waterproofing from dji, but in my testing in the rain and the snow, the drone performed just fine final thoughts.

I love this drone and i have a fantastic day. It is lightweight and takes great video and photos, make sure you activate your dji care within 48 hours of activating the drone with the app make sure you do your research on how to fly your drone and what the proper pre flight checks are. This will ensure you are prepared and the drone is working properly with the remote. This will minimize the chances of you crashing get another app like drone buddy to check on the wind and weather Music. This drone can handle some wind, but is so light that it does get pushed around some. It is fun to play with and is way more powerful and capable than any other beginner drone be aware that the product information on this page lists the weight as zero 16 ounces about four and a half grams, which is obviously wrong. So far. I am really impressed by this drone it’s small, versatile and sophisticated Music here are some of the pros of this drone. One touch landing takes mini sd card, the image is sharp and the 3 axis gimbal head allows for extra movement, while the drone hovers. The biggest advantage is that this drone can fly where most cannot its size and weight. 249 grams, keep it under the faa restrictions. So you do not need to register it and you will not need a license to pilot it. Such a relief when you need to get aerial shots quickly and without a permit takes a little while to set up with your smartphone.

But once you do, you will be flying like a pro and getting some cinematic aerial images. A well designed app to control the drone, ultralight and folds up so easily t only removed from the box.