I was worried that for this price, just 60 dollars more than drone alone. This was not going to be a genuine fly more combo. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a complete fly, more combo with three batteries and all the extras i registered with dji, and they immediately validated that this was a genuine product. I am not experienced in drones and did a ton of research. The camera was a must for me and i was shocked how good footage i took even on my initial flights, so many options obstacle avoidance makes me feel better. I can switch to sport mode and suddenly zoom around active track is a bit finicky but does work as long as shadows. Don’T interfere, video and pictures have been done in up to 17 miles per hour crosswind, but the camera stayed extremely stable, effective flight time. On the batteries is about 16 minutes, i could stretch a couple of more, but i don’t risk possibility of going beyond point of no return. My max range so far has only been one five miles at 200. I could easily go farther, but the video signal gets a bit choppy. I have not played with the boosted signal or adjusting wi fi channel. I love this drone. I am so happy that i did so much research having only flown some cheaper 200 drones. A few times in past, i am nowhere near being a true pilot, but this thing makes me feel great at flying more fun than i ever thought it would be.

The only cons i can say are ones that almost everyone mentions. Microsd card is hard to access, cannot charge. Battery directly mounted in drone wish battery for controller was removable, so one could charge while using another Music. The mavic air is a perfect drone, it’s small and easy to transport, excellent range and battery life. There are so many safety features that you would almost have to intentionally wreck in order to lose. It highly recommend it. This quadcopter literally flies and lands itself, a plus Music excellent drone, but the price from an authorized reseller was the key factor in my purchase. I have owned this drone for a little over a month and i am really loving it. It was easier to fly than i expected in the quality of the video and still photographs is superb fast shipping and everything works. Great. The seller followed up to make sure everything was okay, 5 stars on this purchase for sure the g mavic air with the fly more is amazing. This is by far the best bang for your buck drone. The video quality is on point and easy controls make for a great time.