Like 48 mb pictures. 8K time lapse. The attached images are at 200 feet, i’ve flown it probably eight times so far and have a few things to report right out of the box. Two things occurred to me. This is a smaller mavic pro with some nice enhancements. The bag that it comes with is well designed and the whole package fits nicely in a smaller space, it’s, fantastic emo, Music. Everything fits and there’s room for all the accessories image quality. I find that, for me, shooting around dusk and dawn are ideal times of day, because the sun is not front lighting. The earth and golden hour shooting lasts only a short period of time. In general, i prefer to shoot within two hours after sunrise and before sunset, when it gets dark enough to shoot above 100. Iso for video noise becomes apparent in 4k. The image looks great at 100i, so it falls in line nicely with what the whole line of g drones can do. In the mavic series. It actually looks better than the mavic zoom, less moir they’ve put a new sensor into the mavic air too. The quad bayer chip is an upgrade from previous sensors. I think this may not help the resolution so much as the camera’s ability to see a wider range of light and dark. Hdr mode is one of the benefits of the quad bayer sensor. However, i didn’t see any major improvements in the dynamic range between my three drones.

One additional thing – and this is a known issue with hdr – is that the image becomes a bit more jelly like with heavy left, slash right motion, because of how the sensor must double expose to capture, highlight and low light data simultaneously. Still, though i like the image straight out of the box, i think it’s a bit crazy, that you can record 4k 60fps on this camera there’s. Not a lot i can say about the dji fly app other than it’s a nicely streamlined version of the g go apps, it’s, smoother and simpler. There is one function that i think is interesting. The fly spots is a cool idea, whether you’re into doing what’s been done or knowing what’s been done and avoiding it. When that map has been populated more, i think it will be a unique tool to help people get closer to what they want. The fly more combo includes a few things that i think are necessities. If you’re not just going out for a casual flight Music. First, they give you nd filters. The camera cannot change its iris. So the settings you change for your exposure are the shutter and the iso. Raising the iso increases noise and exposing with the shutter too high, creates this jittery effect to the action. All cameras deal with this, so the nd is super helpful when you’re shooting in bright sunlight. If you’re trying to get nicer images – and you don’t – want to spend the extra money for the fly more combo at least order the nd filters.

They also include a usb battery adapter in the kit, which allows you to charge anything that uses usb off of the drone’s batteries.