. You may have some questions like so whats different. Well, lets start with the larger sensor, theres a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto. Every shot is a masterpiece, Music yeah, but photos arent. Really. My thing dont worry weve got you covered. Also does 4k 60p video. You can also slow things down way down and yes, theres hdr video hows the flight time, its fantastic youre. Looking at up to 34 minutes in the air, a new record for the mavic series, weve added ocusync 2.0, so you can fly longer and see clearer what, if im, not a great pilot thats where focus track comes in so you can fly like a pro Music Or just press a button: Music heres, the best part automatic obstacle avoidance okay. But what do i do with all these shots? Heres an idea use the dji fly app to edit and share your moments with just a tap so whats different Music, a whole lot: Music. Video shopping network, an amazon affiliate to see this product on amazon click, the link in the video description below youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals.