It’S awesome. The camera is disappointing. So far, there’s a reason. The zoom edition does not get the pro moniker. I thought i’d really love the zoom feature, but it turns out. The camera is lacking in an important pro feature, which is manual aperture control, Music, that might not matter, but if you really want the best detail in your images, especially in challenging light situations, i’d fork out for the pro version. The dynamic range on the pro seems much better if that’s something you care about. This is my second drone. My first was a spark which my son has inherited merry christmas. To start with, i live in the middle of nowhere at high elevation, so i’m not affected by the nfc zones that have plagued others, while we should never fly near airports, etc. I understand their plight. I’D. Also love to fly into the clouds, but the 400 feet ceiling is understandable. Music registration with the faa was quick, easy and only five dollars. I have flown for a few weeks now and have been having a great time only gone about two three miles max distance. To date, but with no real signal, loss primarily i’m using two 7k 60 fps or 4k 30 fps, and the video quality is excellent. When played directly into my 4k sony tv, not too bad on an imac either. I have flown in winds up to almost 30 miles per hour in temperatures into the teens, with no major problems other than my fingers wanting to fall off lowest battery voltage was about three seven in the coldest temperatures you will get attitude warnings at higher wind speeds, Making your front sensors worthless so fly with care.

I love the zoom feature. Even if the picture quality is a little lower than the pro i’m, not a professional photographer, and this one is 200 less at the moment the battery could last longer but solved the issue. Buying the pack with two additional batteries and a carrying case it’s a mind, blowing drone. The type of thing that three years ago would have definitely be science fiction. I just can’t get enough of it. I’M flying at least an average of one hour a day. Wish? Could have more time to do it and taking the best pictures of my life while having tons of fun, make sure you get the carrying case. I can’t imagine not having one at this point in time. Music. The drone is the perfect compliment for whoever loves traveling fishing, camping sports or any other outdoor activities. However, i have to say that my experience is unique since i live in a country that still didn’t regulate drones and therefore i have a lot of freedom for what i, whatever i my kid plays tennis it’s drone time i go fishing it’s drone time going. Biking drone time barbecue with friends drone time. What can i say, it’s my best friend now i purchased several weeks ago and have not been disappointed. I also have the mavic air and can attest that this by far is superior in every way. The mavic air is nice, but is more designed for quick fun.

The big win for me with the pro is the extended flying time: slash battery life, remote control, connectivity and the zoom lens. I took this platform to the beach on a trail run and averaged approximately 28 minutes of flying time and high winds, it’s, truly stable and offers some great features, i’m still testing, but thus far. I am very pleased. One major area needing improvement is the colors. You can lose track your sight line unless you have some type of marker on it.