Music fantastic, having had a spark in there, this king of the hill does not disappoint. It flies great and i wouldn’t shy away from it as a beginner. Dji has this down to an art and speaking of the photos and video quality is amazing, especially shooting in raw and editing in photoshop hard to take a bad photo. Really i debated the pro and zoom and glad i went with pro there’s no benefit to zoom that you can imitate in post emo. The battery life really makes this a joy. Take all the time you need to frame up a shot or take a couple passes and video the new waypoint function is fantastic. Can’T find a single flaw with this drone. If you can stomach the price, the smart controller i debated and glad i went for it. Yes, it’s much more visible than phone, but just enough to be better, i still wrestle with direct sun but it’s now usable in those conditions, the real advantage is it’s ease of use, no more fumbling around with phone and cable and awkward clasps boots up quickly and You’Re off range is incredible. I do think the price is about 200 more than it should be, but glad i have it and enjoy it. Each time i get a chance to fly in all i think dji has knocked it out of the park with this combination. Hands down dji knows how to build an incredible drone Music.

I use this product to document construction and to get an aerial few of farms. The one feature i would like is to do a commentary as i shoot and have it recorded on the drone.