So here’s. What comes in the box? The drone itself for propellers on it brushed motors, there’s leds at the front and at the back and the back ones, are red, so it’s kind of nice. You can tell their tail lights when it’s heading away from you. Also in the back is the battery compartment for the batteries and on this end, is the 720p camera right in in there and it’s on a little sort of a fixture here. So you can adjust the angle that the camera is pointing when it when it’s flying. Okay, you can only do that manually before the flight, all right, there’s, an on off switch on here somewhere there. It is and i’ll show you how to start the drone up and get it synchronized and everything when we actually do a flight, which will be very soon okay, so one other thing to realize about this drone is that it has no gps positioning sensor on it. At all, so that means it will not return to you if you lose connection with the remote control, so you want to make sure that you stay within range, which is about 100 meters and not fly on really windy days or anything like that. So keep it in sight, keep it close at hand, and you can have a lot of fun and it won’t fly away on on you. Okay, it is a very light. Drone um, but sturdy and it’s it’s about 70 grams, a little under 70 grams, and the great thing about that is that in in most countries, drones under 250 grams, which obviously this is do not need to be registered and in canada, you do not need any Sort of pilot certification, or anything like that, so anybody can fly this drone.

Okay, so that’s the drone itself, oh and it does fold by the way, so it folds up like this a little uh arms fold in and you just have to be a little careful that you don’t snag the propellers. The propellers are remarkably flexible and strong. I’Ve i’ve crashed it a few times, admittedly, and no chips no damage nothing so it’s, very sturdy. It’S nice, the drone comes with two rechargeable batteries and two recharging units that plug into the batteries and into any usb power source. Okay and there’s, two of those also comes with four propeller guards that snap onto the the arms and that’s great for flying indoors and for spare propellers and a little screwdriver to to use when you’re replacing them the remote control itself is very sturdy again it it Takes three double a batteries that pop into this little compartment on the back and it’s got two joysticks standard controls, so this control on the left is for up and down and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. I might have those mixed up and this one is to to go forwards and backwards left and right all right, very, very simple, there’s an on off button here, a long press will turn it on and a long press will turn it off and this little button Over here is trim for small drones, like this. A little bit of imbalance can cause it to drift, so you press that trim button and then adjust it with the left right up and down or forward backwards.

Joystick, okay, so that’s the trim button there’s a a holder here for your phone. There is a free downloadable app that is there’s a link in the instruction manual for that that allows you to see what’s on your camera, and – and you know so, if you’re taking pictures and stuff you can use that you do not need a phone to to Fly this drone: you can fly it just with the remote control underneath that phone holder there’s four little leds – that give you the power remaining on your remote control, not on the drone, but on the remote control. Okay, on the front face there’s four buttons here. It looks like two but there’s, actually, four, two on each side left to right. This is the one touch, take off and landing button and if you do a long press on it, it’s your emergency stop button. All the motors will stop and the thing will drop out of the sky like a like. A rock actually doesn’t fall like a rock. Strangely enough falls more like a. I don’t know like a heavy feather because it’s pretty lightweight, so it doesn’t, you know, hit the ground too hard, which is great. The second button here has two functions on it. A short press will activate the flip function. This is really cool and i’ll show you that in the in the flight you press that and it activates the flip and then depending on which direction you hit.

The joystick it’ll do a flip in the air in that direction. If you do a long press on this before you take off it changes the flight mode to what is called headless mode now. Headless mode means that, regardless of the direction that the drone is, is pointing, it always flies in the same direction. So normally, if your drone, this is the front of the drone. If your drone is facing like that and you press the forward button, it goes forward in the direction that it’s facing, if you’re in headless mode, so long press on that button moves it to headless mode. It will always go in the same direction relative to you in the depending upon which way you took off. So if you took off in this direction with the front pointing forwards every time you point that you move the joystick forwards, the drone will go forwards, even if it’s pointing in this direction, it will go forwards. So that is really handy, because then you don’t need to know what the orientation of the drone is. You always know you want to bring it back. You you push the the down the throttle down. Okay, to bring it back very handy feature, okay, so that’s that’s. Those two buttons on the on the right hand, side, there’s, also two buttons. The first one is a little speedometer. So when you first start up your drone it’s in low speed, one press on this moves it to medium speed.

Another press moves it to high speed. Now, to be honest, when you see my flight looks like it’s really zipping around pretty fast it’s, always on low speed in the in the flight um and after you’re in high speed. If you press it again, it goes back to low speed and the final button here is your camera controls. A short press will take a still picture. A long press will turn on video recording and then another long press will stop. The video recording, okay and your video recording will actually be recorded onto your phone. Okay and i think that’s it. Oh one other thing: the instructions there’s about 30 pages of instructions. They are remarkably clear. They give you good diagrams of of what all the different bits and pieces are you’ll run through all those things that i told you about what the throttle uh the various joysticks, do how to charge your battery. Please do read the instructions on battery safety, these are lipo batteries, lithium polymide and they can be dangerous if they, you know, if you catch on fire or anything like that, so just be careful with those um gives you all the instructions. It also gives you the link to how to download the free app for running it on your phone again, you don’t need a phone to to fly this. This drone, you can fly it just with the remote control that comes with it and speaking of what comes with it.

It also comes with this excellent case, so it’s very sturdy, very compact little handle on it a zipper around it. Everything you see here fits in this case nicely and snuggly. The drone fits in here you can put the batteries underneath and the chargers and there’s a little compartment up here for spare parts and your your instructions, and things like that. I do recommend you keep the instructions with you in case. You forget what’s, that headless mode again, things like that, so you’ve got it all here in one nice neat little little case, let’s go flying so when we turn it on the lights are flashing. We’Ve turned the controller on with the on off button link to it by going up down on the throttle button forward and backward that connects the remote control to your drone. Now to connect the display to the camera, we have to connect to the wi fi. So we find our wi fi settings here and there it is drc fpv, select that we’ll get a warning that says there’s no internet here it is, and we should be connected all right. So there’s our camera view we’re, going to start recording kind of a clocks in there all lovely first thing we should do before flying every time is calibrate the gyros we do that by holding both of the joysticks down and to the right, like that, the lights On the drone will flash and then stop flashing when it’s calibrated, okay, let’s let’s, take off and see how we do there’s a one touch button on the back here to take off.

Here we go that’s pretty sweet. All right. We did a flip let’s. Do that? A little closer to the camera, shall we push the button there? It goes. We push the button and the direction that we want our flipper to go. That does a great job. What a cool drone so we’re gon na bring her back and land there. We go well there, we have it. The drc model d20 sub 250 gram drone, it comes with two batteries: it’s got a 720p camera on the front. It’S got a remote control, a nice kit bag for all your stuff. In there extra extra propellers the whole bit. It does flips, it flies beautifully. It’S it’s, pretty darn cool, so enjoy this drone. There is a link in the description down below, like i said, and there’s a coupon code for an extra 10 off. There is a time limit on that coupon thanks for watching. If you don’t already subscribe to my channel, please hit that subscribe button and ring that bell for notification of every one of my videos and give me a thumbs up while you’re down there.