I love this new model based my experience of f 20, more compact, more fashionable. This is the perfect drone for someone who wants to get into the whole hobby. Not only is it incredibly portable, but every aspect of it is well made and durable. I crashed it more than three times on my first test flight. You might say i am quite risky with my drones and not one time did anything get damaged because the drone is so lightweight. Basically, all internal damage is prevented. The controller resembles something similar to a dji mavic, while still having very sophisticated controls. You can see the distance. The drone is from you as well as some other telemetry, such as the number of satellites. I also really like the return to home feature. It basically kicks into place whenever you lose signal or press the button and comes back to where it started. I found it to be pretty accurate and absolutely love it onto the actual footage. I have to say that i was impressed, while some of the colors are a little off. The quality is breathtaking. You can zoom in very close and it doesn’t even seem like you are losing quality at all. They are definitely not lying when they say 4k quality. Not only this, but the drone takes amazing pictures as well.