There is a multitude of options for buyers, but after buying the f20 for my teenage son and seeing how much he enjoys flying it, i bought the f24 and i have no regrets best deal. I ever made great camera relatively long flying time compared to other drones in the same price range and easy to fly right out of the box, just invest in an extra battery and you are good to go Music. I bought this drone for my family to use for documenting our experiences together and for flying around for fun as well. The price was fair. The item was delivered quickly and everything functions as claimed. This drone has some really nice features that make it great for the whole family to enjoy the camera. Quality is good and the app that goes with it is full of very cool features and works very well. I was even pleased to find out that the customer support team was very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great camera drone for an affordable price. I love everything about this drone easy to fly, it’s a little tricky on landing, but it will land, but only that is tricky. I love this product and i’ve flown several drones as well: Music, easy and fun to fly. My iphone had no problem with the app. The only dislikes are as follows: the camera adjustment i can remotely only go from forward to down.

Also, i notice a fisheye distortion Music too bad. I can’t snap a photo while in video mode without first turning off video.