I recommend the seller Music. I got this to practice. How to fly very sturdy could take a crash without prop guards batteries only last about five to ten minutes, but bought extras five for under three, oh each great for learning. Also for indoors be careful outdoors because it’s very light winds over five to ten will take it away. At more than 20 feet install took about five minutes. Wireless camera connection took less than two minutes. The stabilization works awesome takes about three to five minutes to adjust controller exactly the way you like it, then you’re ready to roll. I use my drones for leak detection on roofs. The video quality is super important, and this one rocks met every expectation. Battery life is sufficient for about 30 to 45 of use and charges pretty quick. I haven’t timed it yet, but definitely in under two hours. Additional batteries are available and just click it. The drone is very smooth and it flies well. You can only go so far until it falls because it loses connection, it can go about 20 feet away from you until it falls, but otherwise it is a great product. This thing is great: i’ve been flying. It non, stop it’s, definitely worth the money. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to have some fun and customer service is excellent Music. This was my first drone. I was really impressed with the sheer size of it. The overall look and design of the drone is pretty good.

It’S super durable, given my first free attempts to fly, did not got too well after about a week and learning basics. This thing is awesome is definitely great for beginners. I love the fact that it came with a few replacement parts which amazingly i have not had to use. Yet the remote unit is very comfortable and user friendly it’s not bogged down with a ton of extra buttons and controls, making it again perfect for a beginner. The detachable camera exactly produces a pretty decent video feed, as in flying don’t. Get me wrong, it’s, definitely not 1080p or even 720, but for what it is. It’S darn decent quality, great beginner drone for anyone wanting to learn to fly, drone, inexpensive, durable and a lot of fun thumbs up and highly recommend. I really like the drone. I would definitely suggest getting extra batteries, though the 360 degree barrel. Roll is a cool feature. The propeller guards and the landing gear is the softest plastic. I think i’ve ever felt one of the guards broke, so i had to take it off, but it still works. You can fly it in the wind, but i would suggest not flying in the wind until you’re an experienced drone pilot, the batteries last about five minutes. If you are flying outside and about seven inside they take about one hour to charge high great starter, drone for young and older, perfect size and its style is just like the bigger ones cause.

It says landing legs. Customer service is very good. This shift right on time no hassle and there is a camera with this one and it’s android and apple apps friendly.