Before us. We are chasing chasing that mystery, chasing adventure, chasing new discoveries and now were bringing the underwater world to the surface for everyone, with the smallest most portable and affordable underwater drone. Ever introducing dory Music, we successfully brought gladius mini to market winning the red dot product design award now with dory, were making waves all over again. The genius of dory lies in its compact size and portability, theres, no bulky remote, meaning less gear to haul. Instead, you simply control dory with your phone, using the intuitive chasing dory app with dory in your backpack. There truly are no boundaries. Dory is ideal for those who love to share their adventures on social media. The ability to easily post and live stream makes it a win win for people who want to capture the moment for all their friends and followers to see depth lock. Lets you dive and remain at the precise depth you want, so you can either idle or cruise with maximum stability. 45 degree tilt lock mode, mimics, the up and down movement of the human eye, providing the perfect angles to scan the ocean floor or peer up at the crystal water. Above with screen, sharing live streaming and co, pilot friends and family can watch or help control your dive in real time on multiple wireless devices, but lets dive deeper with its hydrodynamic design and shark. Like precision dory can reach depths of over 49 feet and with two built in 250 lumen lights.

The high end, camera has a 100 degree field of view for expansive photos and video and its f 1.6 wide aperture lens is ideal for low light situations with 8 gigabytes of storage capacity. Youll have plenty of room to store your adventures. Its three axis, gyro, accelerometer, compass and calibration system, keep you positioned perfectly for all your voyages. Small simple, smart, with dory its in full glorious view and commanded by you, join us and explore the next generation of aquatic wanderlust join the chase chasing dory video shopping network, an amazon affiliate to see this product on amazon click, the link in the video description below Youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals.