Drone and accessories case is definitely worth the money in comparison to the soft bag that dji sends with their fly more accessories package. Only thing i would like to see added, though it doesnt take away from this review rating is space for the dji blade protectors. The best hard case for the dji mini 2 for the money – 5 stars – Music, great quality, sturdy and attractive case – fits my many to fly more combo and more. If youre, tired of the soft case included with your drone, look to kyotek for a well built, attractive, functional hard shell and waterproof case, this case is awesome, it looks bulletproof and is a perfect fit for all my dji mini 2 fly more accessories. This case is definitely worth the money great case for the mavic mini 2.. Everything fits perfect in the case highly recommend this case very pleased with the quality of this case inside and out. I really like the positive click latches. I am confident this will keep my investments safe. So far, this product has been awesome. I do a lot of overlapping and take my gear into rough terrain as such, i need to protect it from falls rain and other things that the outdoor environment will subject it to this case feels great not too heavy and everything fits in tightly enough. So there is no wobble, but not so tight. I have to squeeze it in the foam, isnt squishy and has almost no give.

So if you want that sort of foam, this isnt the case for you, the only thing i keep separate is the ipad i use as my monitor, and that has a spot of its own in my camera bag. I expect this to hold up well past, when i no longer need it anymore, perfect case for the dji mini 2 and all accessories that come with the fly more combo, also a plus that it fits the ipad mount seems incredibly sturdy and protective.