The camera is great quality and the gimbal really stabilized the video. I would say this is a great starter drone, my five years old, fluid im an experienced pilot and really enjoy the ease of flight of this little drone. The instructions are easy to follow. To get you started, i would suggest buying a couple more batteries, so you can fly longer, but the battery that comes with this drone lasts around 10 minutes with the camera better than i expected. It has solid quality and good looking. If you follow the instruction, it is very easy to install and use very stable, taking off and landing and easy to control have not tried the camera and the app yet we’ll explore her more. This hs140 is really stylish and comes with good features for a decent price range. It can go pretty high and has great camera its battery lasts. Pretty long and it’s easy to fly, especially for beginners gps would have made it better, but for the price range you cannot expect it overall great quality product Music. Overall great drone, i can say it was fairly easy to fly, but with that came the amazing durability.