Theyve teased us something else. Today, Music, so here are some pictures, then of the final prototype thats uh, currently in testing its just little teaser pictures that tran for provided its called the tiger sport 660 and its a bike that occupies that sort of middle ground of the adventure sports category. A category thats getting more and more important because things like uh, the honda nc500x have been so uh successful and theres a category that certainly appeals to me. As i get a bit older, i want you know, lighter bikes that are comfortable uh, easy to move around easy to live with. I think this one could well tick those boxes as well as maybe a bite for uh, new riders or people that are getting into their. You know their first big bike. This could be exactly what theyre, after, of course, if the pricing and the specification is right, we dont yet know anything else about the bike. We dont know when its going to be released, what the prices are going to be, or anything like that. We only know hes got a triple engine in it, so thats going to be nice anyway. Its going to sound great trump do triple is great dont. They so really looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Uh be interesting to see what you think of this bike in the comments below. Of course, we cant see too much yet just from these few uh spy shots, but im sure trump will be bringing us uh more information soon.

What i would say is it seems like a strange naming convention doesnt it. The tiger 660, given theyve, got that tiger sport 850, which is like the um lower price good value tiger 900, and this looks nothing like that. So yeah a little bit odd with the naming convention, the branding, maybe but im sure traff, know what theyre doing here but anyway, be very interested to know what you think of this bike. Is this the sort of machine that would appeal to you all right? Let me know in the comments below and look forward to speak to you again soon. Until then, this has been the missed and fly cheerio. So here it is its called the triumph.