The first time i see my channel youtube review, cartoon series, anime series so whats up in computer, random and today well talk about a political murder drones and this party was sort of out of nowhere. I mean it was promoted, but not promoted in my circle, so i barely find out. This was a thing, but besides this motordrone is one of those pilots that was sort of surprisingly good, of course, its the same kind of team, who did a cliffside if youve seen that pilot theyre, probably also very great but modern drums, has a very kind of Unique idea that actually grabs you is what happens if you create a machine to do help work around a planet, specifically the moon, and what happens is the human kindles who use these robots died off and we have the worker drones and the worker jones pretty much Get self identify self understand or are we alive or not continue becomes basically self aware and that they basically thought well, the humans are dead, they continue left and just keep creating and creating ourselves. But what happens if the company who made that worker drones did not like the idea this sent killer worker drones to specifically just kill the drones? The reason why we dont know, and that i think, is sort of interesting because you get respected – of the work on germany, specifically uzi, the sort of teens or robot, who kind of got tired of the her own society, just carrying behind a wall and just thinking About just getting out and killing the machines who killed them because the very end there are basically the same thing, just a different prototype, but i love it.

This whole show take this sort of kind of self aware kind of comedy, but realizing this sort of kind of team angst sort of kind of ripping off anime in a way by making sort of an interesting idea that, while were wasting our time, just basically dying. Because these things are keep attacking us, but i love it thats a twist that, though killer drones, dont know, after they finish the job that could be next on the chopping block, because uh uzi actually asked that question of one of the characters. One of the murder jones called n and n actually froze for a second realizing. That could be a possibility if we do uh eliminate all the worker drones right now. That means we are next or are we and they tried to ask questions, especially n. He is one of those killed drones, but at the same time, he cant because hes so programmed to uh, not ask questions: do your job but be interesting and its very different with the other co workers, because hes one of those that hes not sure hes sort Of awkward, also uzi that her own kind of clan and shes not also kind of awkward in the group and both of them sort of awkward realize why we keep doing this, we could kill all the humans who tried to kill us its fair right. But i love the days a little bit more complicated, because now you have to convince uh the killer of drones and the working drones to work together and kill all humans, but its the reason that that we dont know why the humans set killer drones for and That itself, this probably make it so interesting.

It also very hilarious, because this whole poly remind me something like danny fandom. They found the same similar tropes, but this time the more heroic take on it. This was more kind of self, a realized, real life and we have reason to live because we chose to live in. That itself is just super interesting. You could see how you can go different directions, but i just enjoy everything about it. Of course, i have to say, the pilot one thing is shorter off is the second half act of the whole pilot that i feel is sort of eh a little bit. I think you need to re, write it a different way, but thats sort of a minor complaint, because the comedy is pretty funny instead of asking you think this is. We should do something: oh wait. Next man, we take care of tomorrow that sort of chill kind of point of view, but sort of self aware wink in your eye. Like yeah, you know whats gon na happen, but oh that i really cant say anything else, except for the cgi. They use the cgi remind me so much of bruces seat surf style that sort of used roboscope to make the animation more kind of human, realistic, especially the camera movements, because the camera movements move that if you are set, it feels that, if the character moves, you See the camera moves also to kind of feel what they feel thats sort of smart little kind of clever little things make this probably completely more watching because of that and the actor scenes.

The exchange is pretty good, its pretty amazing what they did. I have one minor complaint is sort of the editing of the five things that, like one section icon, was lost a little bit. I dont know. Maybe i wasnt paying attention. I got bored a little bit, but maybe just me i dont know, but all of that this thing is pretty sunny, especially what they made sort of this: the robust sort of kind of plastic, because its sort of cgi it looks like they dont have the great Budget, but instead they use it as a skus. They use it as a strength because they make sense of this robot to be sort of plastic like especially how they walk in the snow and all the lighting, especially that sort of grim lighting that i really enjoy. That really amplifies the comedy and the action that they are really a really rough situation.