When we come back, we have the zlrc. This is sg108 right after this hey welcome back guys, donnie here, thanks for joining me today on my youtube channel, if you’re new here definitely consider subscribing and hitting that notification button, hey guys today, i have this zlrc. This is sg108 it’s under 249 grams, so you don’t have to register it here in the united states with the faa. So it makes it really nice it’s brushless supposed to have a 4k camera, but i don’t believe it’s true 4k. You guys so i’m going to shoot this video and uh 1080p. Okay, because you can’t tell the difference. I’Ve already tried and i can’t even tell a difference you guys. So i believe just the pictures are more of a 4k uh pixel. I just can’t really tell any difference from it. You guys so um later on. I could shoot another video if everything goes well and shoot it all in 4k, just to show everybody but it’s gon na look the same you guys so all right, so anyways i’m gon na get this thing fired up. So i’m gon na go ahead and open up this controller here. That turns on the controller, to turn this on here’s the button here: double press all right. It just bound and guys um stay tuned at the end of the video and i’ll. Do i’ll show you a quick unboxing to show you what comes in the package comes with a little nice soft, hard kind of soft hard case with it, too, and and all the other extras.

So all right guys. So i open that up. This turns it on, and i turn on the drone by one press and then the second press and hold turned on the drone. So now these just bound i’m going to go and calibrate this little drone by pressing well in the manual. It actually shows to do the gyro calibration first so i’m, going to do that. First. Okay. I’M. On a level surface here now, i’m gon na go ahead and press for the gps calibration is this button here there we go see how that green light came on. I should be able to start to calibrate this seeing if any of the lights are flashing, i don’t see any lights flashing. Let me see if i have to hold that there we go lights flash you got to hold that little button there, all right! So let’s go ahead and spin it. There was one. It already went: beep beep, there’s one and there’s two it’s ready to go. So now all we need to do is get into this app and it’s the fun pro okay, so we got to get in the fun pro app. So let me pause you for one. Second, all right guys, since i found the wi fi i’m going to go ahead and i connected to it i’m gon na go ahead and press start. We got image i’m gon na start. The recording i know uh follow me is not going to work just because it’s too windy.

It says 2 mile an hour winds or less and i’m at about five to eight right now, it’s, starting to pick up quite a bit so uh. Let me go ahead and fire this guy up going out to the corners and then press one key take off, and here we go all right. It’S not gon na be a completely full battery. I probably ran it for about 10 minutes yesterday at home, just hovering in the house to make sure everything worked. I wanted to show you the decimal uh sound for this, since i just did another review on my mavic air 2 for some new propellers for it. So let’s see what this little guy puts out: Music about 71 to 72, which ain’t bad you guys for the wind blowing and the traffic going by that’s, pretty good, almost like the mavic air. This, except for this one sounds like uh, sounds like angry bees. So i’m gon na go ahead and take this out i’m in high rate of speed. But i don’t want to go too much because i only got one battery for this guys and, like i said, it’s super windy, so i’m just going to try to give you a look around here, all right and then i’m going to go and i’ll do range Tests and some other things on another day, because right now, this thing is all over the place. So let me pan around a little bit here, do a little short pan around try to bring that camera down a little bit since the wind’s blowing it up.

Here we can also look down which i’ll do get that sun off of there all right i’m going to do a return to home, just to see how that does Music. So i held that down for one second. Here it comes returning to home. It says, oh, that wind is bad, look at it’s all over the place, rocking left and right, left and right. It definitely does not like this wind here, guys so and we’re definitely gon na probably be off unless it moves over. That way, a little because it’s it’s over me, but that wind is definitely pushing it everywhere. Right now see if i could tilt the camera all the way down, i guess it won’t. When it’s returning to home, you can’t angle the camera down, you guys, so it just turned around and it’s facing back out that way, so it does come back to you facing you and then it turns around and faces the way it took off. So here it comes it’s, pretty close you can see where the landing pad is and look at that i’m not doing anything and it’s going to be right on you guys. Look at that just a few i’m going to stop it first up it’s already down there. You go that’s, not bad i’m, just going to take a couple snapshots right here, because i don’t want to take it back up there. So i’ll take a couple snapshots right here.

You guys so um camera button is actually right here. I don’t want to drop my phone, so let me do a shot here supposed to take in a picture. I do one here and i’ll do one behind me here, which will be nicer because the sun’s not in our eyes all right, i’ll, do one by the road. Here. Okay, i said it took some pictures, but yeah it’s, not bad. You guys. I got 14 satellites and it flies pretty decent it’s, not bad. It just now took the picture. Let me try that again over here that’s funny. Let me try over here again it takes a while to take a picture that’s strange. My conclusion is not a bad little drone. I wish it did have a memory card in here to film with, but it is only wi, fi and i’ll. Add those films on there for you, so you can see right now. I don’t know what it’s going to look like traveling from here to about 200 meters. That way so we’ll see what it does, but you know guys if you’re in the united states it’s under 249 grams, so you don’t have to register with the faa. It’S got brushless motors, the camera is halfway decent it’s, not too bad. You know, and the angle up and down works pretty decent it’s just fast on rotation. So you want to kind of be where you want to film and not in wind, because this thing was all over the place you guys, so it definitely does not handle wind at all and it’s mine’s lagging because i’m, not a big fan of the the h Fun pro app, you can see it still froze up and the pitchers were still taking pictures a couple minutes later.

So you know it finally just made the snapshots on here um. So i do have quite a bit of lag there, but it is a fun flyer for just i wouldn’t go long distance with this. You guys until i get somewhere uh where there’s no people around, i could take it out a little further, but for now with the wind it’s, just not safe. So all right guys don’t forget to stick around to the end of this conclusion to see the unboxing. Okay, all right thanks guys for sticking around to the end of the video um. This got a little hard case here, semi hard case, it’s still pretty flexible, so i wouldn’t be tossing it around. But you know it’s not too bad it’s got a handle on there and stuff so and definitely help you out. Whenever you’re carrying this thing around it’s going to just be a quick unboxing, you guys already seen the drone how the screwdriver fell out, but it does have a phillips screwdriver here, i’m going to put it up here in the zipper section i forgot to zip it, But here’s where the drone is um pretty basic drone here that kind of a little smart technology. I guess you could say you got to press it down once and then press it again and hold it and it’ll turn the drone on. So you charge it from right here as well that’s, where the usb port is so they do give you a charger to charge this drone and the controller has a built in lipo battery as well.

You guys, which makes it nice so um on this one. It does have altitude holds so you can shut off the gps and just run altitude hold. This camera does adjust from the controller as you’ve seen in the video supposed to be 4k. Doesn’T look quite 4k, but it does the job for now and the brushless motor seem to hold up pretty good in the eight mile an hour wind. But i suggest not to do that because this thing is super light. You guys lighter than the dji mavic air. So you want to, i mean uh mini, so you definitely want to be careful with that. Okay, so here’s the charger just usb a little micro there, um just a little. I call a little micro usb, but just a little small charger, so it’s going to take a while to charge that battery um. It does come with like three different manuals in there set of propellers and the manual i’m using since i’m in the us i’m. Using the uk one so that way, it’s in english, so it just tells you which uh app to the qr code to upload. You know for the eachine, so you got ios and android and it tells you what all the functions are for you guys. So pretty basic and, like i said you get quite a few different uh manuals in here so there’s different countries, there’s about uh, looks like we have a total of six manuals all together, so it makes it pretty nice that little phillips screwdriver is just to take These props, on and off in case you have to replace any they give you a full set so but that’s, basically it guys.

I didn’t want to go too crazy on this since i’m. Already doing the flight, video it’s got a little cover. That goes on top of here, i’ve already chewed it up in the zipper so i’m just going to go and toss that or you know it gets caught in the zipper you guys. So you got to be careful. It does have extra space for batteries. If you get two more batteries, so i’m sure uh remo toys has extra batteries on their website. I’Ll. Leave that link down below in the descriptions this controller works by just opening up the handles turns it on. This is how you adjust for the phone okay. I didn’t want to hold my iphone x very well with the cover on so i suggest maybe taking the cover off. Okay, maybe it’ll hold it better. I just kept my thumbs on the phone, so i wouldn’t lose it functions, are pretty easy on here camera one press to take a picture, long press to take a video long press to stop the video so make sure you do that before you go and land It but it should still save it, may corrupt to your phone. If you don’t stop that video, even though this don’t have an sd card, it’s still recording the wi fi image to your mobile device. Okay, you got your return to home tilt your camera down tilt. Your camera up right here this one here, speed, control, there’s, two three rights of speed: it has okay.

When you do a short press, i believe i think you have to do a long press on this yeah long press and that will start up the compass calibration for the gps. Okay, that way, you can calibrate it and then be ready to go. I suggest not do it through the app, because i was having problems with it. Just do it through the controller. Okay, a gps button to turn it on or off it has altitude hold it’s got the optical flow camera. So that way, you can shut off the gps and just fly it in audi mode. So if you don’t want to fly in gps but make sure you keep the gps on all these will be lit up green when the gps is on that way. Um, except for that little red button, because you’re not connected to the drone yet but they’ll stay lit up green, let you know you’re in gps mode. That way, when you do the return to home. It’Ll come back to you, but that’s it one key. Take off one key land uh, the only way this is gon na work is when you arm the motors out, like i showed you in the video and then press that it’ll take off, and then you can land it that way too. If you’re just you know somewhere in range, okay, all right guys, that’s, basically it uh remo toys. I appreciate you guys sending this out guys be safe out.