This is the latest uh interesting design from dave, cfpb uh, basically it’s a flying battery and flying battery tray, uh that’s. What i call it uh it’s, you know obviously it’s a analog three inch. That’S got three inch props and it’s for long range, critical, long range as long as as far as this 18650 lithium ion battery can take you, but it is optimized for basically flight time, so it’s it’s, very minimalistic, as you can see, i broke it already and This is part of testing, and sometimes you discover things and testing and actually break stuff happens quite often um, but yeah i mean let’s just go over really quick. Basically, you have a dead cat style. Three inch frame the front and back arms are separate they’re. Just like a single piece here and a single piece up here and i believe, there’s no frame in between that’s holding it all together. I think it’s just these 3d printer parts that actually hold the carbon pieces together and you can see where all the screws are going in here. You got your zeus, 5 uh on flight controller for 1. To two s i think got your crosswire receiver in here. Crossbar immortality antenna, you got your zeus uh video transmitter here in the back and again here i think it’s a caddix ant, uh camera and light. Maybe i think i’m sorry it’s a regular ant, uh fpv camera very nice camera 1202.5 motors 11 600 tv for three inch and one s and you guys just you know you got your dead cat style, um design here, plus it’s a very unique battery tray.

We just basically pop the battery in there’s, no xd6, or anything like that. You have to you, have to use these um 18650 cells that have the flat tops a few of the ones. The button tops they’ll be too big uh you might be able to get in there i’m. I haven’t tried those, but even these when even these with the flat tops are pretty hard to get in, you have to make sure your polarity is correct. So positive here in the front towards the camera, i think they have a little a piece, a tpu piece there that lights up. This shows that positive negative here in the back. If you reverse it you’re gon na fry, the flight controller, it will just, i don’t think they have a diode in there to prevent that from happening. So be aware of that, and essentially yeah. This is a this whole design is. Is a rat is centered around this uh battery holder and 18650 lithium ion battery and basically it’s a flying battery and um the reason it broke, and so basically have this cover back here, and this is a very i think, uh pla printed i’m, not sure what The material is, but it’s very thin, obviously keep the weight down and they have it’s, basically just the cover to hold the receiver and the video transmitter in place and uh i’m, not sure. If printing this in petchey might help an apache is going to be a little bit more durable, but this is so thin.

It might break anyway, so i’m. Thinking that it might be, it might not be a bad idea for the recon to or hdlrc to include additional trays, and so when these break, you can just put a new one on, because there was an extra one of these in the in the box. So yeah that might be not a bad idea, but yeah this doesn’t weigh hardly anything. But let me just show you how much this thing weighs it’s super light, here’s the drone and then throw on the 3d printed ports. I broke so it’s coming at a 64 grams and then here’s the 18 650 and that’s a 109.9, so 110 grams total. All of weight now the battery i’m using here is a molly cell, um, 18650, 2600 milliamp hours, and so the testing that they did for this one was with a sony vtc 6 cell at 3 000 milliamp hours, and they i think they they get a they’re. Getting an advertised flight time, i think, of 14 minutes uh. I check the product page to figure what it is exactly on mine here this one i did some testing. I i ran this down to um, about three volts for about 10 to about 10 minutes, and then i wanted to see how how far i could go before it was just totally shut off, and so i ran. I basically took the same battery and i did another flight um the next day and i ran it down to about 2.

8 2.9 volts. I think it flew for another two and a half to three minutes, so maybe a total total flight time and this 2600 milliamp hour for me – was like 12 and a half to 13 minutes and completely before it went totally dead. Now what happened was when, when you get down to like 2.9 volts, you get like a land now warning on the screen, not not just the battery, not just the battery low. You get the battery low plus after that you get the land now warning, and so what i would suggest is when you get the land now warning on the screen, you should probably be ready to land because um very soon after i got the land now warning On the screen, uh, the the video transmitter turned off and uh ended up crashing. Because of that, so i was like oh the vtx i lost. I lost video. I basically get like a gray screen, so um yeah. I think that means the camera. Might my powered off i’m not exactly sure if it’s the camera, the vtx with a combination of the both i’m, not exactly sure how this is all wired up but yeah? Basically, you lose video uh and not show you this video and since you can’t see where you’re flying you end up crashing so that’s. What happened to me. Unfortunately, i crashed onto the street or the sidewalk i can’t remember, which one it was so something hard, not grass and ended up breaking that plastic tray the 3d printer tray.

So that was unfortunate, but the rest of it seems fine. I mean it still works there’s. Nothing damaged other than that 3d printer part. I just need to figure out a way to secure that probably just use a rubber band or something and to hold those parts in you know the the guts are just kind of like hanging out like that kind of funny, and then another thing is people are Wondering well how um, how will this battery stay in the tray when you crash it turns out when i crashed battery stayed in there? Fine, i was actually able to take off again and fly so the battery didn’t get ejected. This tray actually holds the battery in pretty securely it’s, actually fairly difficult to get the battery out, which is kind of a little bit annoying. But i think that’s, you know better than having the battery pop out of you when you’re flying or if you crash. So if you’re worried about the battery popping out not too likely, it happened, plus if you’re worried about that. Just you know, you know a rubber band and or something put it in here and then wrap it around the whole thing and in case you get a crash. It’S gon na hold the battery in place. Now i would say, like this, molly cell is pretty good. I got this at the it’s called this it’s sold at various places. I think they had the 18650 stores what it’s called they sell.

Lithium ion batteries uh the sony vtc 6 cell is the one you probably want. Those are harder to find. I think well kind of depends. Sometimes the other ones are hard to find, but yeah those are race day, quads and power zone. I think i’ll put links to the batteries down in the description um, but if you want a little more flight time than i got, you probably want a 3 000 milliamp hour battery and i’m. Pretty sure the weight is the weight. Difference is negligible, not a whole lot of difference, but yeah, you know um. You know it’s 1s uh. You know i’m, i’m. Thinking now that i don’t have a bottom here. I might mod this and put like an hd camera down here and maybe like the the loris 4k camera and have like a you, know: 1s um long range 4k uh flying drone by the way. So super quiet, you know obviously 1s 3 inch props doesn’t make hardly any noise at all. So if you want to, if you’re going to be flying around people parks, that kind of thing this is uh about 10 feet away. You can’t hear it all doesn’t make any noise whatsoever so and it flies for a really long time. On this 18650 battery, of course, um. You know uh it’s, not very good at freestyle or racing that’s, not what this is intended for. So if you are trying to get this for that, i would say: don’t bother, um you can’t do flips and rolls and tricks and stuff if you want, but it’s, not really ideal for that and it’s.

Quite the power to weight ratio is not ideal for anything. Other than cruising around and trying to get a long flight time, which is basically what this designs ultimate you know goal is, and so, if that’s, what you’re looking for then yeah you want. You might want to check it out anyway, there’s going to be link down in the description if you want to check out this uh new product from recon or the recon 3..