Machines meant to enhance farming and construction operations to small fun, consumer models designed for racing and photography. However, the guyana civil aviation authoritys 2021 end of year report pointed out that present regulations are inadequate to thoroughly manage drone operations here. As a result, a review process is underway. Already, the aviation authority has 737 unmanned aerial vehicle operators. There are 565 drones registered while some 247 drone permits were issued in 2021.. The gcaas 2021 and the va report pointed out too that fines and penalties that address the unsafe or inappropriate use of drones need to be further increased. However, a senior official at the aviation authority explained to the newsroom on monday that persons can still be charged for breaching the drone regulations. The aviation authority will be refining the draft drones, uav regulations based on the international civil aviation organizations model, and this model requires all drones to be registered and subject to a thorough review before a permit is granted among other strict requirements reporting for the newsroom.