That is what were going to be reviewing today. This little mini drone, so we hope youre, excited and anyways lets get right into the video. So, depending on how much you actually pay attention to my channel youll know that i just released a video on this guy. This is the holy stone hs170. The predator is whats called, so this drone right here is actually very similar to that drone. Not only it is very small uh house flyer drone, but its also very easy to control, just like the holy stone, so theyre, both very similar, all right guys. So if we take a look at the back, this right here is the battery and it is removable. So we need to do is pull it out, and this is what the battery looks like little tiny battery, but it is removable, so its not built into the drone like it is in some other mini drones. Also, here is the controller, as you can see. There are trim buttons right here here and here here are the controls to change the rates you push in, like that. You can hear that click Music, thats, how you know, youre changing the rates on and off switch right here and in the back. That is the battery tray, so youre going to need some batteries looks like i already have batteries all right. So this guys very simple to start up all you do. Is you plug these in right here, theres, no, on switch as soon as you plug that in the drone turns on turn the controller on and its good shoot yep its good to go all right guys.

So were going to try that again, Music all right, so we dont clearly have enough room to go fly this guy around. So were going to take this out where we have some more space to fly it around and were going to see how it performs. But before we do that, im going to give you guys the specs and im going to put it on screen for you to look at right now and then well take this out for a flight. So anyways lets go Music Music. I Music, all right guys. So i guess its time for my final opinion on this drone in, in my personal opinion, i would recommend picking one of these up its very easy to fly for, especially for beginners and its just a lot of fun operating it and its not too expensive too. So, even if you have a lot of very nice drones, you can buy something like this thats hardly going to cost you anything, and you can have something to fly around at your house if youre bored or this could even be a great christmas or birthday present. So, yes, i would recommend picking one of these up for sure, as always ill leave the best links and the cheapest prices linked down in the description below. Thank you if youre still here, thank you for sticking through for the entire video and watching me review this drone.