The lockdown has been raised to level 3, which means I can come to the airfield to the to the workshop and start doing. Some reviews think something that's been long overdue. Unfortunately, because until I can come out here, I couldn't use the bench. I couldn't do anything so we're back on track. Now, though, fortunately and I've already got one review in the pipeline, that is the holy boat, copis mini so watch out for that it's interesting up. While you watch this, I also have the audits the digital version with the DJI digital fpv system in it, and I also have the analog version, which is the same frame same motors, same flight controller, same speed controllers, but it has analog components and I'm gon na. Do a comparison side by side in a future video. So if you're wondering you know digital or analog, what will I do well? Hopefully, I'll give you enough information to make your mind up by comparing it to exactly the same frames motors setups. The only difference being the fpv components is analog. Better is digital, better I'm, not going to give you any spoilers, you Lifta, watch it and find out. Also have some new tower plans for the the detailed glider the albatross, I think it's the albatross yes they've sent me some new Taupo components because they reckon that the old ones were a bit heavy in the CG was too far back. I did not notice that, but I've got super good films, but I'm gon na put the new tail planes on and we'll.

Try that out see how it fly see if it's an improvement, but this that's a really good value it's for the price. It is a lot of plane, so yeah that's well worth looking at, but it's annoying the camera battery in the camera, the old Sony camera went flat. Okay, nevermind anyway, also review on the new Panasonic camera coming up for those who have got a an interest in cameras. I just want to know whether it might be worth buying one for yourself to to film your models and over on the white board, which is one of the reasons I came out today. Is my next white board tutorial? Because if one said we wanted more – and it is all about diodes and transistors I'm gon na show you how they work. Why don't? I show you how that we've got to let you understand how they work through some analogies and some diagrams and I'm gon na try make it simple, no we're not going to get deeply into doping germanium and silicon substrates with various carriers and things and making holes And no, no, no a much simpler way to understand exactly how transistors work. We'Ll do some bench stuff, practical experiments showing you the theory in action. So hopefully, it'll give you that basic that starting point from which we're gon na build your understanding, so that, when your stuff breaks, you can fix it. Where you have a guide, fixing it because you'll know what you're doing it's really really important.

As I mentioned in a previous video, so yeah whiteboard stuff takes care of that and I've got the whole thing over. There just got ta film a few pieces, hopefully next week that will be going up. Oh, I used to do it tik, tik Tuesday or a Theory Thursday, so I'm gon na go back to that because I I was like I've been so damn slick, but now I'm sort of rebooted reinvigorated because having a month away from the studio, really makes you Really she ate how much work I should be doing out here so yeah I'm right back into that, not much else to say. I think that there's been a few things I'll be doing a news, a news thing kind of cover some points, because the FAA has announced who's going to be implementing the remote ID system, that's going to be the cornerstone of the drone regulations in the USA. What a good idea anyway! So there's that and a few other bits and pieces that I want to cover it that are in the and the Hobby. News I'll be doing a separate video on there. But in the meantime, lots of reviews to do and the copis. Many digital's coming up, I hope, you'll like it. I love it spoiler alert. I love that quite it has been fantastic. If you watch my HD channel, you will already seen it in action and hopefully you are as impressed as I was when I flow in the meantime.

Thank you for watching thinking about patreon supporters. I did an email from patreon today: they're gon na start charging sales, tax and GST in countries where it applies on donations. Oh give me a break it's like it's like every time you do in a corner. Someone else is taking more of your money or giving you less that's. Alright don't worry about it. I appreciate all the patreon support. I just wish things were getting easier, as did it harder for everybody there you go that's it if you're not subscribed subscribe, because there's. So much cool stuff coming up, even though it's winter here and I've just taken my big thick jacket off to make this video it's not going to stop me I'm, getting right into it this year, gon na be lots of cool stuff and if you're, a manufacturer Or a distributor or a retailer you've got a cool product that you think the world needs to know about. Then I'm, your guy I'm, your guy I'm, not going to shell, it I'm going to tell people exact what it's like and if it's, really good I'll tell them it's really good and if things go as normal, if I say it's really good, you sell a snot Light of them so there's certainly some value in sitting. Mr., oh yes, I forgot two new transmitters review. Probably next week, two new transmitters, a new jumper. The t 80 is coming, it'll, be very interesting to see what they've done there and then there's at the radio master t16, very it's, hidden here that guy Nick Nick these two brands, which is the bitter one which should you, spend your money on? Are they any good? Well I'm gon na go in depth and look at these things, we'll pull them apart.

We'Ll see how well they've built we'll analyze them in great deals, because I suspect that not many people need to buy new radios at the moment, because we've all got radios and money is going to be tight. So are these worth spending your dollars on? For some people I expect they will be so let's find out who those people will be and what benefits you'll get from either of those radios stay tuned. As I said, there's a hell of a lot coming on RC model of yours, but don't forget to watch x jet too, because there's paneer fun in entertainment and laughter on that channel. If you want it, I hope you saw my 250 crashes than 30 minutes. Video it's been very popular and it's. Every crash that I had in my archive of RC footage over the last 10 years, all rolled into half an hour, so go much that I think you will enjoy it if you haven't seen it already. If you have seen it already go wash it again, I need the money. Thank you thank you for watching takes on my patreon supporters.