These are too long and they just won't work. You need some lexan scissors with a curved edge. Blade like this and you'll also need a set that are straight just like this. You'Ll also need a sharpie marker for making your post holes on the top of your body front and back and you'll need a body ream tool, and these are pretty sharp, so be careful with these. You can really stick yourself with them. Well, ream out those holes to the posts first thing: you're going to do is use your exacto blade to score along the cut line around the edge of your truck body, or car frame. You'Ll see a little line there and after we've done that we've scored everything we can go ahead and start with step 2 and that's gon na be your lexan scissors and right here, I'm, using the straight edge blade I'm just gon na cut along the straight line. Until I get to the start of the curve and then I'm gon na stop now grab your curved scissors and go ahead and start working on that wheel well curve. It makes this a lot easier than trying to cut a curve with a straight pair, and once you get back to the straight part, stop so you don't have any sort of random stuff going on there with the curve. Now we're gon na go along this straight edge right here. Just gon na go straight ahead across straight ahead and I'm gon na take my time, I'm gon na speed it up a little bit for you guys and there's the first wheel.

Well, it's not perfect, but we can come back with a dremel tool and kind of sand and clean up and round out those corners a little bit more make it pretty. Now we're going to go ahead and bend over the straight part, and this is just gon na. Allow me to cut a little bit easier along that seam. So I'm gon na come across here and if you don't get it perfect. The first time when you're cutting off this large flap, you can always come back the second time and just kind of clean things up and that's totally up to you. How how you know precise you want to be with these types of cuts: I'm, pretty picky about most of my stuff, so I wanted to come back and make sure I have a nice straight line, even if it is just a tiny bit higher it won't matter That looks pretty good I'm gon na come around the edge of this wheel. Well, here and clean this up a little bit make a nice curve around there. I don't want any super hard lines or hard edges. It looks pretty nice through there. Now. This side is an example. I want to show you guys me trying to use longer scissors and if you use longer scissors, this is what's gon na happen. You not gon na be able to make those curves. So you need these Lexia scissors to be able to make those curves and the shorter blades on these scissors really help out a lot if you're a new guy just getting into cutting out your truck bodies and car bodies.

This is what everybody uses so now I can get back in there. I can make that curve. I'M gon na clean up this wheel. Well, quite nice and again, I'll probably come back with a dremel tool and just kind of smooth everything out right through there with a rounded bit dremel a little sander. Now this final cut right through here and that's, looking pretty good way better than what we had going before with the wrong pair of scissors. So now, along this straight line, here, I'm gon na start coming in around this wheel well and I'm gon na work. My way, up until I get to the straight point and then I'm gon na stop and then I'm gon na bend that backwards again, we're just gon na flex that trim line back this just makes it easier to cut your straight line. My great grandfather was known in town as one of those guys who could draw a straight line, and I sure I'm, not quite like him, but it's gon na require a little bit of extra cleanup before I paint it. No, a little more trim work around the front. If you see some little kind of splinters hanging off here and there you will see them for me kind of happens. When you stop the scissors – and you start the scissors again forget these little splinters, you can go back and trim those off get the rest of my plastic cover off just a dust cover for this particular body.

Now that's looking pretty good, we need to seat the body front and back side to side, and we need to make sure that the wheel wells line up, lift the wheels and in the rear, where the bumper comes around super important. To make sure everything is exactly straight, you get one shot here with the reamer, so make sure it's perfect in your eyes and that your bumper is nice and straight up front as well. So now everything looks good. There. I'M gon na be really cautious. Making these two Sharpie dots there and now in the very back I'm gon na mark those that looks pretty good so now I'm ready to take my reamer and I'm gon na go ahead and start out my post holes in the front first and you can put Quite a bit of pressure on these try not to push too hard to crease the body of your car truck it's pretty important, but they are quite tough. So you can't put a good amount of pressure on and again don't overdo it it's better to go small. First and then work your way larger and if they fit a little bit tight, but not too tight that's about perfect you don't really want them. Just falling off kind of that left. One still needs a little bit of work there, so I'm gon na take some more out on that one. It really does take quite a bit of force to just even get a little bit work out and that one's looking pretty good there it's still the one on the left it's still a little bit tight, not quite making it through it.

So I'm gon na give it some more room there and again, just like with the cutting process. Just take your time for the reaming process. Okay, that looks good, make your holes nice and tight there. We go that looks good, no jokes, guys now we're gon na work on the rear. You can just blow off the extra there and it looks like I have the first three done so now. For my final one, I'm gon na go ahead and take my ream tool and Mark exactly where the center of that post is before. I start this one, and you can do that with the other ones as well. Just push down a little bit and then I'm gon na take the body off the frame, put it back on the bench and start that final ream for the post hole, it's, looking pretty good there now front and back. You have now successfully trimmed out your truck body or car body. Hopefully at this point, and not quite as hard as you thought, it was now you're ready to test out and see if your clips fit and how well they fit up against the frame. Then again, you can come back with a dremel tool that you want and clean out more now, we're gon na go ahead and put those body clips on there it's. Looking pretty good, though now I have to decide whether I'm gon na cut out these windows or I'm gon na put stickers over them it's looking awesome, so I think I might paint this one red guys.

This is looking awesome, so I'm ready to go, but thanks for watching guys, I'm Justin Davis.