The claw here is the old fly, fish connection for the claw, and you can see down here. It was starting to get a little crimped where it gets bent right, and so i think we actually had a very small wire break in there, but kaisi the guys who make five fish. They always are improving their product, and so look at this. They came out with a freaking thicker cable considerably and now my claw works no problem at all. Look at this just a dial on my remote. Those are aluminum claws too. Look at the jaw grab on that and you can be precision if i just want to pick something up a little bit. Oh man i'm ready to go diving, ah and i'm back down at the marina right at the edge of the dock. Here now i can dive out here. If i see any bottles or anything like that, i can go ahead and try to pick one up. You know do my part, even though it's as small as possible, to try to help clean up some of the garbage in there, but who knows i'm ready, uh to set sail or go diving. I should say it's like sailing through the water flying through the water. One or the other all right guys, good luck on your underwater mission today, hopefully we find something cool into there. Let'S bring back a bottle or two i've laid out some line. You can see it here.

I don't have to unspool it and yep. Let me just get my bearings in the water here. Claw is working awesome and, in the lower left hand corner. You can see the position of my submarine in the water i'm now facing down on a forward angle, and i am now descending into the depths. You'Ll. Also see a depth gauge, just above the uh submarine, pointing that i'm over 20 feet deep now in the top of the screen, you will see the amount of time i've been recording and in the top right, you'll see the number of 92, which is my battery Uh life on the rov – yes loving, that zoidberg is back at full power with the claw, a big thank you to five fish for giving me a speedy uh replacement on the one that was broken uh, and here we are, the water is 52 degrees fahrenheit. I want to move over to these watch this i'm gon na goose it the ultimate pucker, so cool. Look at that sea life i'm gon na do the same one over here, dun dun dun. I know my son morris will be thrilled to see this sea life. Doing its own thing here: okay, let's leave it alone, we'll, be on our way here: hey there's, patrick spongebob, squarepants, hey patrick, what a great seastar. Turning on my two led system here, this is on bright. You can see my position of my sub is straight down.

Now and i'm able to move forward with these thrusters there's six thrusters on this machine which allow me to move in every which way down below. I have found my first target. Look at this there's bottles everywhere here i'm focused on the brown bottle that's straight ahead of me. There'S lots to see, though i don't have a lot of experience with the claw, only a small amount of experience, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge because there is a current underneath, the water and so i'm just trying to pick which bottle. I want to go for and i think i'm going to go for the stubby here. It looks pretty old now i attempted this for quite some time. You'Ll see i'm at actually 46 feet down. Look at my my time. I'Ve been filming for 10 minutes i'm struggling with the current uh and then trying to switch in between my modes to get exactly where i need to be, and then to get my claw closed around the bottle. Come on buddy yeah, no patience! Yes, okay, open up the claw and try to just stab it around the bottle. Let'S go around the bottom yeah, oh, not easy. As i stand on the surface. Okay, let's put reposition okay, i'm good minute and a half has passed i'm trying to get it trying to get it. Oh nice, a good stab at it and then around the neck is where i wanted it.

Yes, look how big those clam shells are in there that clam must have grown inside then. How did the clam shell get busted apart? Doesn'T even make sense. Look at the tire. No, the fly fish does not have the strength to lift a tire uh. This is pretty epic, though i'm going. Oh smack, oh, what? Where is it now i'm? Tangled in my tether 41 feet? I see it. I see it. Okay, there's lots to choose from down here lots for me to come and clean up: okay, here's, something i can grab a little easier, possibly look at this just trying to get myself there and yeah just got ta squeeze that claw it's hard to remember, which way To move the dial – oh yeah, okay, nice that's, a good grab! My lights are on let's, get it back to the surface from 50 feet down crazy. Here comes the first thing: i've taken out of the ocean: amazing. What this little unit can do: hey, wow, okay, let's, grab it okay, here's. My second target, oh slipped, right out of my hand, the current when it moves me can move me right off the object almost immediately. You got to be really swift here. We go. Second lineup: i like this object because of the neck on it again, so clamping it around the neck and then kind of well there's, something in there kind of swimming it up to the top. I like how i can see the surface of the water from down below very cool.

There is item number two right on let's go for another target straight down to the bottom. At 33, feet i've now been filming for 28 minutes filming swimming and trying to grab these things off the bottom. This is gon na, be tough if i lost the stubby because of the shape of it. Let'S get the thrust going here in the other direction. Beautiful now i'm trying to actually clamp the bottle right now, as as tight as i can, because i know it's already compromised, i wanted to see if i could break it. I could not. The five fish does not have enough strength to break the bottle, which is a good thing. I did pull a drone off of the bottom of my pond. It was fairly heavy and a lot of these bottles actually have sediment in it. So that's a good thing. Let'S go to the bottom again another one here's, a wine bottle, it's, even larger. Of course. This is how i see it through the display and then with no app at all just trying to float down now. This is when i realized my gopro had screwed me again, my gopro 9 uh. It it again was recording then automatically went into a time lapse mode, uh and with that, yes, with that time lapse mode, it you know it's it. It only records for a certain length of time and then it stops so i'm gon na have to look at an update for that.

I do have two gopros, so i'll switch to the other one. This wine bottle. I cannot believe i lifted it up and we're raising out of the deep here, just turn off my lights, so i don't waste all that energy and then, of course, as we get towards the top. I find myself in a struggle because if i stop swimming immediately, the fly fish kind of wants to uh to bow down because of the weight it wants to go down in the water. But you can set the motors and the depth lock just to stay there. Let'S just get this bottle. Okay, then again straight back into the depths. Look at this an old aluminum. Can this thing has been shredded: it's, okay, let's get it out of the water here's another bottle. This thing also has been damaged: that's, okay, look at this i'm starting to dial it in now right now, i'm, starting to be able to grab it and get it, but look how long i've been diving? 48 minutes? Look at my battery power, 37 left that's, pretty insane. Look at this, raising it off the bottom, no problem at all, and we can swim towards the top plenty of power. Oh afro likes that Laughter. Buddy texts me right in the middle of everything going on get rid of my bottle and then get right back down uh into hunting for another one and, as dj khaled would say another one and another one, because if i can get all this garbage off out Of here and get practice with my five fish, when i do find something valuable i'm going to be able to uh grab it look at this another one.

Absolutely awesome, filming for 54 minutes 26 battery at 20 percent uh. The rov will give you a warning. So i know i have enough for one more quick dive and one more bottle. If i can grab it off the ground, can you imagine all the humans tossing all these bottles in here? This is just an accumulation of bottles on the bottom from people partying. Well, i didn't find any sunken treasure which i really wasn't expecting, but you never know just in helping clean up the bay even with the little amount i got. You know at least i can always say that i was at a place and then i always left it better than when i arrived, which is another common mantra. I have, in my life, be less selfish, more selfless and also leave a place better than when you found it right. So, look at this let's see what we got zoidberg great job with the cloth claw today, buddy big win there now look at this i know. Are you also celebrating hello, mr crow, at the top of the mast? You'Re, a tiny fella? Look at this. What is this? An old preserves jar yeah, it kind of looks like an old jam jar or something like that: hey what's in there neat and then what is that animal on the bottom? Hey, i know everybody that lives near the ocean will tell me in the comment section right now and educate me.

Thank you very much. Did we find any bottles with any notes in it? No but ironically, all of the bottles tops are broken, let's see if we found anything in here dirt and sludge. Anything in here, yep more sediment on the bottom lots of little shells, i don't think anything else in there just lots of dirt. What the heck are? You why he's attached to me what there you go, a bunch of rocks, look at this, an old cider can yeah summer peach. It looks like a real peach now at least it's, not in the bottom of the or the bay and then our last one here for bottles, no messages that's good. It would have been a little late for me to get it anyway and then, of course, this must be a filter of some sort. I don't see any line on it for it to be a filter except right. There is this a trap of some sort, a trap for what, though huh look at that piece of crab. I think no, what the look at this was a crab. What the heck is that hard outer shell and then inside here's, this little tiny, claw, oh he's, alive hello, little dude, oh there's, his legs, oh i'm! Sorry, i didn't mean to disturb you, sir. You were most certainly alive. Well then, i should set you free back to your home, who am i to take you out: hey you're, going to have a great story for all your friends, sir good luck back to the water bye bye.

You can now captain the boat that's down there. So not too bad uh. After all, everything is uh kind of cool. Now i can just kind of recycle this stuff put it in the bin at the top, and let me know if you guys a lot of people aren't watching these dive videos. I have a great time doing these dive videos it's a lot of work to do the voice over and stuff, but i don't care, i think, exploring is super. Cool and i'll always be an explorer guys thanks for tuning in thanks for subscribing turn on the bell. For notifications drop me a like click jump up and down on one foot, pat your head, rub your stomach and we'll, see you in the next episode of rc adventures. Bye, let's, see here one two. This is where your home should have been in the beginning: glass. Aluminum, throw it in the bin man.