It i’ve already flown out i’ve hovered it i i just got it uh anyway, starting off with the drone one sec i’m gon na move this to one side and then okay, that’s, better all right. This drone uh, it has flap these like propellers, you flap out just like that, and then it’s got these thingies and you just click these on. You get it and you go like this and you just snap that on and then there are another three and then i’m just putting them on uh. And then i guess they’re like to protect the rotors from getting broken uh if it like crashes, so that’s what it looks like it’s cool um. We have uh two batteries that you would slide into the drone. Well, i’ll show you like that and then i’m gon na take it out because i’m not gon na fly indoors, because that won’t be done. But oh that can happen. Okay, i put that back on. You slide them in and then there’s a button. The power button you hold that down until it starts lighting up and ah that back and again that can happen, uh yeah and then it’s on moving up to one side and the batteries uh. Oh, these are the two chargers for the batteries, because each battery lasts, apparently nine minutes and a half per battery. So you need to recharge them. I would recommend bringing a portable charger just because, like if you’re gon na go on a long, walk and you’re gon na fly your drone when you’re there.

Well then recommended you bring a portable charger in case they run out, and then you can just plug them. In charge them, then you can use them again, uh yeah and then looking at the controller. Now we have this controller right here. This is the controller that’s. The back and the top it’s got these two buttons, okay, so on the controller there’s an on button. Oh, i can do that. Okay, it makes a noise it’ll, make a noise when you’re moving that and then now it’s off and there’s a stop button. So that will just, i think, come to the ground. Normally there’s a 360 button. It will do a 360 booger and then there’s a video button where you can use this camera, this small camera that’s on it, uh, yeah and then there’s, Music, apparently there’s convergence anyway, and you put a phone on it. You can put a phone on it with this flap. You pull that out and you put the phone on and then yeah that’s there’s an app there’s, a code there’s like a barcode. You scan that and yeah uh i’ve hovered it. Oh, you can rotate the camera as well. I think it’s quite cool in my next video, which i will do tomorrow. I will try to use the camera on the drone to record a video. If it works, then that’s cool called the drc. I bought it on amazon, it’s, good quality battery runner runs out plug it in with the charger.

I’Ll show you how to plug it in now, actually because Applause me how to charge the batteries, so you right, you get your thing and then you get your charger. That’Ll come up nice, okay, it’s in and then and then you get your batteries. I got one in my hand here and then you get the charger and you there’s a usb thing. I think it’s like usbc or something anyway and there’s this slot. To put this in, you plug it in okay and the way you know it’s charging is that it glows red, like the usb thing, glows red. So then you know if it’s charging, uh uh it’s kind of cool. If you ask me and uh okay now they’re, both charging both of the batteries are charging for the thing which is good and uh Music, anyway, um and that’s pretty much it for today. I’Ll see you in the next one goodbye boys see you tomorrow see ya.