I hope you are having an awesome day and we are happy to have you here today. We are reviewing the rambo prowler electric bike. Im, just gon na tell you right now. If you are a hunter, if you are a bike packer or if you just love camo, you are going to love this ride. The prowler is a powerful, capable and accessory ready, deep woods machine that is geared for extreme adventures and stowing tons of gear, and i think this e bike genuinely enjoys challenging terrain. It certainly feels like it comes alive when the tires hit the trails. The prowler is a top shelf electric bike with premium components and a frame perfectly designed to attach a load bearing front basket, a rear rack and a trailer. This ride. Pretty much has it all and it had better, because the starting price on this monster is a hefty six thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars usd ouch. It currently comes in one frame, size, a 19.7 inch frame and reference. I am five foot ten inches and this bike fit me great. It also currently comes in one color, a camo pattern that is proprietary to rambo, which is pretty cool. Rambo offers a limited lifetime warranty on the frame a one year, comprehensive warranty and a 30 day return policy just remember to register your bike to activate the warranty. Also rambo offers free shipping to the contiguous united states, which is a nice little bit of savings.

All right lets dive into the specs. The rambo prowler has a buffing mid drive motor with 1000 nominal watts and 1500 peak watts of power and a massive 160 newton meters of torque. This motor is ridiculously powerful, its like a very tiny nuclear reactor and because its a mid drive its able to leverage the gearing for even more torque or speed, depending on the gearing and speaking of speed. The prowler will hit 30 miles per hour, no sweat with just the throttle, and we were able to get this bike up to about 35 miles per hour, while pedaling on flats now thats fast when it comes to climbing hills and accelerating the buffing ultra is a Hard motor to beat, and if you plan on towing a trailer or loading the prowler up with cargo, well, its just a thing of beauty really. It also has a super smooth and super precise torque sensor, which means youre always getting just the right amount of power. It really makes it feel like the prowler is an extension of yourself. The buffeng ultra is a great motor on its own, but in this case its paired with an enviolo continuously variable transmission. Not only does this gear hub offer a wider range of gearing compared to most traditional derailleurs, but it also locks the gearing whenever the drive train is under stress, and this helps to prevent damage. In other words, you have to briefly let off the gas and stop pedaling to change the gearing ratio.

Honestly, it feels a lot like switching gears on a motorcycle which is pretty sweet. The battery on the rambo prowler is a 48 volt, 17 amp hour system, with a max estimated range of 40 miles. Now this range is totally doable. If you keep the pedal, assist in a low setting and use the throttle sparingly, but at full power, this motor demands a lot of juice and it will eat up the battery in a few big gulps. So, basically, just keep that in mind. If you plan on going for an extended trek, because the last thing you want is to get halfway there and youre already out of battery the battery, is locking and removable and is housed inside the down tube, which keeps the frame looking sleek and also helps to Keep the prowler pretty well balanced. The rambo prowler weighs in at 70 pounds and has a 300 pound carry capacity. Rambo, did a really good job at planning ahead and provided bosses all over. The frame. Weve got four on the down tube, which is great for a bottle cage or battery holder theres, four bosses on the stem in case you do want to attach a load bearing basket and theres a few sets of bosses at the rear of the frame that can Accept a rear rack or even a trailer. The frame is also super rigid and seems well suited for rough paths and trail blazing. The thru axles are another good testament to show what the prowler was designed for for suspension.

The prowler has gt 860 inverted air forks with about 120 millimeters of travel. These forks are fully adjustable, of course, and theyre pretty smooth, while theyre not really geared for big air theyre perfectly suited for leveling out rough roads and making huge gnarly roots feel like little twigs. The huge maxxis minion 27.5 inch by 3.8 inch tires act as another layer of suspension thanks to their huge air volume, and they also provide great traction on slippery terrain, especially when you air them down to bring the rambo prowler to a stop. Weve got tektro dorado. Quad piston hydraulic disc brakes with a 203 millimeter rotor in the front wheel and 180 millimeter rotor in the rear wheel. These brakes got grip. Man like throw you over the handlebars kind of grip, and it may seem like overkill in perfect riding conditions. But again, the prowlers home is somewhere deep in the woods where its wet and muddy, where the conditions arent, perfect and thats. When that extra grip comes in handy, the promax 770 millimeter handlebars feel like the perfect width for maintaining good control and the locking grips ensure that you dont get any slippage. On the left side. Weve got the independent control pad and on the right side, weve got the enviolo twist shifter. The buffeting display is big, it is bright and it is beautiful. I love this display. It is just honestly so great. You can easily see it in direct sunlight and, if you want to, you, can actually adjust the angle of the screen.

Overall, the rambo prowler is an impressive machine that boasts not just impressive specs, but a well thought out purpose built design. The prowler doesnt like the roads, no, the prowler, i think, scowls at pavement. This electric bike wants to roam free and you can feel that when you ride it, i love the added bosses on the frame for that extra functionality. I mean you could load this thing to the hilt with a front basket, rear rack and a trailer, and with that 1500 peak watts of power, 160 newton meters of torque and the super low gearing from the enviolo, you could ride from miles without even breaking a Sweat for hunters bike, packers and trailblazers, the prowler is a ride worth checking out.