The first one is a six channel helicopter. This one is uh electric, but its a real professional model. It got a gyro there for stabilization and speed control and there is the receiver inside and it got four servos and then, of course, your gyro and speed control and also the pitch control at the back, and you can see you got a very realistic top gear. There that can move up and down all the way, exactly like the real helicopters thats, why its a six channel, so my plan is to get a battery for it. You need a 3 000 milliamp battery um. Let me just turn it around for you for once. Okay, theres the other side, so you can see all the movements there is. If i move that little servo you will see, the pitch is moving. You can see there, okay, so pitch control, everything, okay, guys and then the most important is this. Blades is aerobatic blades and it make flying very difficult. You must really know your story to fly with this blade. I will replace it with normal profiles for traditional flying, but this one can fly upside down and do all kinds of tricks with this blade and lets make it very very difficult. I damage the blade on the other side. You will see because it is so difficult here you can see. Ive got damage there. So, as i mentioned six channel, i can take the body off for the moment Applause.

So there you can see the motor as well and all the gears and im actually a glider pilot. If you will helicopters is not not my main thing but its a challenge to fly this one um – and this is a very, very busy radio of it. Six channels, as i mentioned, with uh trims and on off switches, hovering of our setting, which is preset there by the previous owner. You can see the white spot if it is 100 trimmed it will hoover. If you put the switch on there, it will go into automatic hovering, so very, very, very busy guys to fly. This thing is really not easy. Okay, so next up is my drone. If you would like to see more of this helicopter, when i fly it at a point, you can mention it in the comments. Okay, this is my drone. This is really a cheap one guys, but at least hes got the camera and the or a video camera. But you can take photos as well. It needs a 900 milliamp battery for us to fly it but its in a serviceable condition, and although it got stabilization gyro in it, is really zero, wind, tolerant guys, you need to fly this thing all the way it will not fly itself. This is a its really a tough one to do, but if you are used to rally control aircraft it is, it is easy, so i fly from 1983 with gliders, so it make it easier for me to to fly these stuff, and this is the standard, cheap Radio, but its do it, do its thing, give you the output there on the battery and all these kind of things, and you secure your camera there and you can see what the what the camera there is uh seeing at this moment, so you can uh direct To to have nice videos and photos, and so on, okay guys, this is just a short one.

Just to show my radio control equipment. Ive got more stuff that in that corner that suitcases there is full full of radio control equipment, just ready for use. Okay, if you would like to see these two in the air guys, let me know in the in the comment section and i will make a plan to get batteries for it, and then we can do so.