The radix band 5. lets check it out. Music. The radix band 5 is the newest model from radpower bikes, the largest electric bike company in the u.s or actually north america, and well probably most of the rest of the world. Depending on how you count it. The radix band 5 also comes with a new price and you can grab it for the lowest current price. With our link in the description below thanks again for helping support our channel to make these kinds of videos, we try to keep it fresh, concise and interesting, and the radix band 5 is interesting for a number of reasons. It replaces the previous rad mini and rad mini step through bikes that weve tested before and combines a number of rads other components and performance features into a new e bike style. For starters, that performance i mentioned will sound familiar to anyone who pretty much knows anything about rad. That, of course means a class 2 e bike with a max speed of 20 miles per hour, a rear hub motor with a 750 watt power output and a removable battery with 672 watt hours of capacity. Depending on how you ride the bike, such as pedal, assist versus throttle, youll get somewhere between 25 to 45 miles of range from that battery, which is pretty par for the course these days and should be more than enough for most recreational riders and city commuters. On the design side of the bike thats, where we get into the real mash up of different rad bike styles, here on its surface, the bike seems like a step through rad runner, ebike, and it kind of is its got that convenient step through frame.

That makes it easy to hop on and off and which is becoming a favorite of mine, but its also a bit lighter than the rad runner, with a total bike weight of 62 and a half pounds which yeah is pretty heavy but its not a killer, especially Compared to some of the really heavy e bikes out there and that extra weight helps make the bike robust enough to support a max load of 275 pounds, meaning it can fit a lot of rider shapes and sizes. The rear rack is included with the bike and its not as robust as the rad runners thats built into the frame, so youre not going to be carrying any adults back there, but you could definitely get a kids bike seat on back no problem. There are other differences compared to the rad runner 2, though, like the inclusion of a 7 speed, drivetrain, meaning you can actually run through the gears if youd like. I know folks that live in hilly areas seem to be a fan of these things, even though i personally tend to leave my hub motor e bikes in the top gear most of the time anyways, but its nice to have options. I will admit the 4 inch fat tires here are also a departure from the radrunner and return us to rad mini territory with true fat tires. The fat tires. Allow you to choose what type of surface you want to ride on opening the door to off road excursions when necessary, which is a big part of a do anything urban e bike and considering there is no suspension fork up front.

The four inch fat tires help it retain an almost suspension like ride, considering the amount of riding i did off the beaten path. There were times i couldnt even tell it. Didnt have a suspension fork thats, how helpful those fat tires are Music, Music plus, of course, the biggest difference compared to the rad runner is the fact that this bike can fold, meaning you can more easily carry it in an rv, a boat car or maybe drag It on the subway with you, basically all the typical advantages of a folding bike. Now you can of course, fold the radix fan 5 all the way, but if you just want to fold the handlebars, it actually makes it nice and narrow its something that i like to do. If im sticking it in lets say an suv or a minivan. I just want it to slide down between the seats because, instead of having the bars out real wide, they lay down right next to the fork and you get this narrow bike. I have noticed a couple other changes and common rad parts too, on the bike. For example, the previous tektro brake levers that rad used to use on everything that had a built in bow theyre gone on the radix band 5 and have been replaced by these brake levers from radius. They work fine, though i wonder if rad still uses the same brake pad material in the disc brakes, since they dont seem to have quite the same immediate, stopping power ive experienced on other rad bikes with tektro mechanical disc brakes, but theyre definitely still fine brakes.

No issue there. The thing that did bug me a bit more was the placement of the bell without it housed in the brake lever like on most of rads other models. They had to stick the bell on the other side of the display and remote meaning. Unless you have freakishly long thumbs, youve got to loosen up your grip and slide your hand way over to reach. It makes me miss that old belt. Speaking of the display, here, its the same that we find on the rad mission and rad runner, and i find it to be just fine yeah, you dont get bragging rights for every time. You hit a thousand mile interval since theres no odometer to keep track of your mileage, but it gives you your battery and your pedal assist level info plus the light status, which is pretty much all the info. You really need on an e bike, so while many people will call this bike a folding, rad runner id say theres more to the radix band 5 than that. Not only do you get included fenders for free plus that 7 speed drive an included, rear rack, led lights and those nice fat tires, but you get an even more accessible bike. You do have to spend a couple hundred bucks more for it, though, despite debuting for an awesome promotional price of 1299 bucks, its now back at the apparently more sustainable price of 14.99 thats, still a good price for what youre getting, especially when you consider that it Includes support and service of a massive e bike company with a massive customer support team, but ill agree with you that the promotional price was certainly even sweeter.

Nevertheless, as a replacement to the popular rad mini, the radix band 5 comes out of the gate swinging with some nice features, some nice cost saving areas and a great ride. Music. Thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the radix band 5.. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.