A little bit different today were gon na, be putting the dji fpv drone through a racecourse. Now i dont actually know a whole lot about racing. I really just focus on freestyle, so we brought in another guest instructor, who knows a little bit more about doing race lines, hi, im, maka, reactra, im, a professional drone racer i race in multi gp, as well as drone championship league, which is a global drone racing League im on the american team and were called quad force. One were really lucky to have here here today, so she can give eric some racing tips. Youve been doing great in the series. So far, ive been having a lot of fun honestly chasing drift. Cars is my favorite thing so far. That was a hoot, but this challenge today im so glad shes here, because i know next to nothing about any sort of quad racing. Now weve hosted quad races here at the sally in the past, enjoyed watching them crash and flip and burn, and literally fires like thats, really cool, and i expect uh to do at least that today so guys. The whole reason that were doing a racing episode in this freestyle series is because i think getting some racing fundamentals down is an amazing set of skills that really feed into having good freestyle lines and good cinematic lines. So so far in the series we taught eric some moves where he could do him wherever he wanted.

Whenever he wanted, he could do flip. He could do split us kind of on his own time and really learn to fly this drone very dynamically. But the thing with getting through a race course is: you have to do a set list of moves in a set order, and you kind of want to do it with some speed. Now were not really gon na be pushing for laptops, but what im getting at is today is all about going down. Youre going down. All right you want to throw it out today is going to be all about consistency, uh having you do the same. Moves learning to pick a line, uh practice that line stick to that line and also forcing you to be real low to the ground. These are not tall gates here. Im excited to try this out and see. If i can, uh can have some fun yeah. We got a great course here today, put together by our very own sean morrison, so lets take a look at what were going to be flying through Music. So this is our start platform. This nice piece of concrete right here should be easy to start off on theres your first gate and then were going to turn and go straight that way into that gate right there for the center gate. Okay, the first gate youre lined up with once you get up to that point you can corkscrew, is what they would call it into this gate, but if youre not familiar, if youre not comfortable with corkscrewing, you could just come through.

This gate go up, turn right and then turn left and go through this gate, so you dont necessarily have to do it as a corkscrew but thats the objective to get the most speed drop in drop through add power, its kind of like a power loop, but Youre turning it into a dive, sideways power right, yeah, all right, but you dont have to do it that way, and most people dont at first, like even when i flew it the first time i flew it, i didnt do it as a corkscrew. It took me a couple tries to get in the habit of doing it and then once you get the habit of it, it just makes the course go faster if you can do it in that speed. Well with that said, though, all the people in the comments first off love, you guys uh they like it when i crash so were gon na try corkscrew there we go were gon na corkscrew again into the third gate, which is gon na line you up its Gon na line you up to that gate right there straight and then left left last flat, flap yeah. Then you need to keep going left until youre done. Okay over here the start gate and what youve been telling me off. Camera mako its just. Basically, consistency is key. Try to keep it smooth, dont land it like that yeah smooth is fast, especially your first rounds. You want to or your practice rounds you want to take it easy, learn the course.

The corkscrew is a really fun element, Music or not. So start back, maybe at the beginning of the corkscrew yeah and stay to like the right side. If you can there you go and then over yep. Oh, it was back up whoa right back up no turtling. I got to use a little more power than i think i need to yeah more throttle um its a little. Oh there you go up over hey over, i think youre trying to do it like somebody whos done it a lot already, so you can just but its that movement, though right its like its this movement here. So in you know the movement so yeah, so thats thats almost a split s right. I think youre really just going a little too hard. Maybe maybe you could demonstrate like a safe line. You know because i think demonstrating it would be helpful. Just take everything way. Wider way, uh way more conservatively yeah its kind of like okay, now youre turning around go over and then turn around again there you go see yeah like shes, nice and conservative Laughter and the corkscrew is not a beginner element, its definitely a more intermediate advanced element. Evan turner once said, dont think of a gate as a gate, think of it as a flag. I think you said this recently, so youre only really trying to get around that one side of the gate, so just think of that side as the flag.

Dont look at the whole gate gotcha. So, instead of trying to go through the gate and hit the center and be perfectly smooth, come up to the side try to get around it like a flag, i can get behind that all right. After all, the flying, ive done all the big stuff like having a gate the size of texas, now pushing into something where i have to be close to the ground and im trying to maneuver between different points of gates. This i can see why this would make you a good pilot so much faster, like everything weve done in this series, ive been telling you guys like having drew or bobby in my ear kind of just saying, hey. This is how you do it and go. Do it now, or else has been huge now taking those experiences and layering it with you into the okay, put it through the paces? So what were gon na do now is im gon na ask you to please fly a line for me absolutely and then ill. Follow along and try to get a better idea of how youre using power, because i feel like im, just saving myself thats all im doing maybe flying at a higher camera angle would help you. I mean youre, flying at a really low yeah, so hes flying at. Like 20 degrees, what are you going to set your spacers typically 5, 45 to 50.? Okay, so you can turn around and just turn uh ready over and just turn see how im doing that yeah.

I was trying not to do that because i didnt want to have the prop wash and the fact that the quads moving backwards. I felt like trying to get a tighter line, was more important and see now, while youre doing it well and the better. You get exactly what you want to do is what youll want to work your way up to, but – and you could do something like that. Did you see what i do on that last one yeah? I went around it so mega. Why dont you just do a bunch of rounds on the corkscrew, because that seems to be the most challenging one and start with the really conservative line and slowly work your way to the aggressive line. So you can see so you can see how you see you can go over it and then turn come back at the beginning. So im just using some roll here, sarah theres a little ramp see its a little bit tighter but still id say pretty conservative for her and see i was trying to make it flowier more freestyling yeah, i mean thats what you want eventually like see: youre gon Na oh yeah, this is getting good. All right. Do your best one! Do your best well its hard that drone im not used to flying, but i mean thats, pretty good thats, pretty good thats, pretty good. That was just all it seemed like. It was almost all one movement, yeah and thats what you want right, yep you pretty much hold look at that yaw and roll just disgusting Music.

Its so interesting because everything drew has taught me so far is like avoid the sound of the props going through. The prop watch try to keep it smooth yeah, and this is like nope just jam through it yeah racers. Well, you care about your tune to an extent but youll. You know you let things go a little bit more because youre not really that the footage isnt important to you as much. You know its just a mindset. You know you start uh being more focused on being consistent and learning how to be able to do the line over and over again and then going back and trying to be smooth and stay out of the prop wash. You see how im kind of looking at the right. The right side is my flag im, really just trying to get around that right side of that gate. Right, Music, this higher uh prop or camera angle, is so much different yeah, i think maybe upping it would help upping yours. I think im going to try the 45 look at that low battery low battery, but did the once in the beginning make sense? Did you see the difference so youre? I was trying to basically take it up and almost like split us over the top and keep it flowy and with the camera angle i was at, i think, yeah i dont think its possible yeah. So i think what i need to do is take it and think of it more as a rotational and versus a loop, because i was basically trying to power loop up.

Let it drop down and just fly through it beautifully that doesnt work, so different, strokes, different goals, different plans. Well, try this out see how it goes. Music got to use that power more there. You go dont there you go yeah all right, so do should i, if you turn a little sooner and even slow down, because a lot, a common error is kind of going too fast and then youll overshoot a gate so even just slowing down. Let me turtle mode, it thats, so cool. It works so well, thats, really cool mine. You know sometimes itll flip twice. Nice now turn over Music. Have you thought about turning right into the left after you go over it to go back through it see? If that helps a little bit, uh so go through and then turn left if youre gon na go this direction. Oh, that was a hard hit that one broke. It look at what you did well. At least we have easy access to the sd card, so the battery is good, so we got the sd card. We got the battery all right lets get another drone, i would say just the goal for today is just like practice, consistency and if you could at one point, do one lap without a stutter or whatever yeah thats. What id call your victory yeah being able to do one lap of the because, because we pre planned uh and thats whats gon na happen, i mean this is how it feeds back into like what weve been learning like if youre gon na do a shop for A director the director is going to tell you you need to fly here than here than here, its not your choice, so its very similar this course was set for you.

You didnt, get to choose it and theres nothing to do with it. Your goal is to make it through this course in one clean lap, doesnt have to be the fastest lap crash. Yeah try turning right, oh yeah, i think youre better with left left yeah. You want to hit this one dont say hit four choice of words: dont say hit. What are you doing and then this is a nice curve. Great nice, nice save real low, still seemed in control. Try to turn a little bit earlier. It turns there. You go yeah, you didnt overshoot that one as much you can kind of do something called pre turning and almost turn when youre, before the gate, or even inside of it. Maybe now were making laughs, beautiful turn that was beautiful. Eric there, you go and youre flying this differently; youre not trying to do it like yeah, so youre yeah, oh yeah, that was awesome. Super smooth Music, oh dude, that was youre, really looking good out there. This this one sweeper turn, but this one you just flew a long time without crashing dude. That is the bar for for doing a course like this, where you you cant, just do what you feel like doing. You have to do what we told you to do. Im very impressed, especially some of these turns out a scene where i could see the profile of the drone. It was like a perfect coordinated turn.

No washout. You had lots of gription in the air. That was i just. I was looking great, so i have a lot of experience. Uh if you guys have been watching the series for a while ive raced cars, ive, raced motorcycles, ive flown airplanes, i fly paramotors. I fly everything right and ive done things that push me to another level. Every time im always i dont really ive, never really been a competitive person to race other people, but i like pushing myself so like this is definitely a push, especially because its completely different than flying freestyle freestyle id be out here, just kind of floaty. I love it and just look at the hang time. This is like okay and at one point i realized like im looking over here and im like. Why is my head? Cocked left, i dont know its a little intense right, youll end up like this or like this, but all thats happening all the things that youre learning today are going to feed into those freestyle skills. Because then, when you have a freestyle line in mind, youre like okay, i want to float over this and then power loop that getting that being able to do that same thing consistently and having a little bit of forethought and sticking to a plan. Its gon na be so much easier because youre having to stick to this very difficult plan, yeah youll have more command over your drone. You know well have new pilots come to our races and a lot of them cant even put in the lap in theyll skip gates, so i mean i had to go back for a couple of gates, but i got them all.

It definitely is a different experience. Im glad that i got this chance and thank you for helping me mako, thank you for coming out and giving him some lessons. Thanks for having me anytime yeah, it was super fun. It was really impressive, seeing you go through the through the course, and you know, being able to show everything from like a conservative line to an aggressive light hell, even just watching. Anyone fly at that high up till always impresses me because i, like just chilling out at you know 20 30 degrees, so youre ripping at 50 is pretty awesome a whole different game when you tilt that thing up, even just the take off its just like im. Looking at the sky, this has been a really fun series so link in the description to the full playlist, so you can watch erics full journey and guys every monday. You can check us out right here on the road to riot channel. I dont think theyre gon na get rid of me at this point, because i love all the adventures, all the crazy stuff make sure you hit the notification bell when you click subscribe and check out our channel aviator parameters, i cant get enough of eric. Hes got a whole channel where hes flying para motors airplanes flight, all the things every friday, every friday, new channel, new updates, new videos and guys this has been fun. Lets uh lets go break some more drones.