So I assume I'm getting some tutorial there like Cory. Are you gon na race, pour it you're racing Cory? Okay? So I guess we're handicapping him. This is the easy money ance you think it's a chance of keeping up with you. No not at all it's gon na be easy money where's the paycheck nice. What is this it's, some form of next t60? Can I take this off? Oh, we got a fuse. Oh still, beautiful. One of the differences between this and the throttle cap is gon na, be that with a throttle cap you hit the full throttle. It just stays there with this. If you exceed the limit it's going to pop it for real cause, yeah thanks very cool actually so when it exceeds 10 amps, the quads going to cut off it's gon na lose power to it. It'S gon na blow a fuse. How many amps is your quad? Typically, pull when you're racing like full throttle full throttle, probably pull about 120 amps on six. So, generally speaking, when I'm cruising it's about thirty to sixty M 32, six dams cruise safe to say, you hit full throttle quite a lot yeah. What do you think is the lowest amperage fuse? You could fly and still beat Cory. I'D say a 20 amp that's gon na be hard. The difficult thing is it's gon na be all about lines and not using the throttle. I think, with racing experience, I like being able to learn a course quicker I'll have that advantage early on, but once he starts getting laps in that number might change if twentieths may not be enough.

I'M, a bit 225s, but I think no matter what at like. 30 40 amps on the elevator. What we're gon na do is we're gon na start out like high and we're gon na walk him down and say you beat him: how low can he go and still beat? You know start about 40. Yes, okay, we do know I've, never raced before right. You know what so these are slow blow fuses. I was concerned about 40 amps too, but we tested this in the warehouse and then slow blow fuses, you're actually gon na get a little. So you can go above 40 for like a second. It is like one Mississippi to blow can't: plugin is gon na you'll be fine plug it in so you got a little bit cuz it's it's slow blow, so it just can't sustain 40, okay guy, but not quick, burst, quick burst I'm, not even gon na get Let'S go Music, okay, so embrace Li. We like to use what's called a spotter. A spotter is really important for multiple reasons. To tell you, while you're flying where all the other traffic is sometimes how far ahead you are. That way, you can know to slow down and not have to push so I'm gon na bring in my good buddy mr.. It will be fun and he's gon na be spotting for perfect time to get some GGI goggles. My name is Justin Skinner or the newer members of the hype training racing team.

I am Soren fat kfpb yep here in Florida, for multigp nationals been training with Alex the biggest reason that, when a spotter is, if I'm Way ahead of these guys, I don't want to blow the fuse, so I'll be able to tell me to slow down so That way, I can fly really really docile and carefully and not pull Tamiya's racers on the quads in less than five yeah. You don't push me harder, so you're not even using an answer now what a savage proving right now did you, sir, on the mat meter? Man, thank you, your QR, your mas bar when you're done right now, Vanover is in the lead by about four seconds. This. Is it right here, final item going through the beam come around home stretch and that's it that's it that's it. I was not too far by them. I think, when hit only four seconds, I think once he goes down now, if he goes any slower than that, because I made a big mistake in the beginning starts doing a bunch of well didn't know where I was went. Super high, you know you have the faster quad he can't go full throttle so once you're in those straights and usually take advantage of that and pin it I'm, not saying you should blow out your lines because you do need to keep it tight. That'S, where alex is gon na get you but take advantage of. While you have oh yeah all right all right, I was catching up with him and I was pushing.

I got sloppy and I ended up in the Spanish mom. I had him in sight. I don't know if I could have reeled him in, but I had him in sight. You were there. He'S got a pitch for a little bit. We went yeah, I mean this is not flying like a racer. No, it doesn't have enough up tilt it. Just doesn't corner like a racer, so when I start really pushing it it's, just a little sloppy, I mean when you crashed, you were literally right on top of them yeah I don't want through the same V gap I felt like I felt like I was reeling Him in yeah let's line them up again, so what's this thirty clods go down. Smart that happen. No alex is in the game. In the lead eight seconds, a better now he's push a little harder fire let's push little harder he's like I, I went to land when Corey went before he went down. I thought Alex was down and the winner now exists, wins it again. Wow hold on Jonah, plug let's, see this thing. Pop I'm gon na make sure they've got something. Wait about your quad that doesn't even count not even presently blown a fuse. Did you get you get fast or slow blow? I was flying it like this much throttle. The entire time was just buying efficiency, all right, he's going down. That was it. There was a 30 or 20.

That gives me a lot of confidence so because I was like at 10 for all the entire flight, so you know like I can hold it full throttle for quite some time like well you're about to go down and whew sighs now it's gon na be easy. My skin hey, listen, 123 low blow I'll blow the 2010 blow so really take the easy care for xx. Words to blow all right, I'll be quiet enough. I screwed up when I saw Cory go down. I was like oh we're gon na restart cuz. Somebody crashed out and so I've laid back and went to land. You know, you know we don't call I'll call the restarts, you know an experienced racer. Would you say that you learned something today? I would say that you can suck my racers on your quad in less than 5 Music three. Secondly, our a first lap. You have three single, Oh Cory's down the bar goes behind. You keep going, keep going nine, please right now, ten seconds. Alright, then, I was coming into the knees to the V where's, the ten I'm, only just starting to feel the throttle response to this quad. This lost. That was in front of me, I'm glad. I stayed out of this episode. I'M glad. I stayed out of this episode because I didn't think they were gon na. Do that bad and cameraman today even say so. Basically, because I know I can't beat him in the streets, I need to to fly the corners really efficiently and tight, not too tight to where I have to recover with a lot of power, then essentially I'm lining up every next turn.

That way, I don't have to new the throttle too much so it's, arguably in some ways, a bit slower but it's a bit more efficient at the other day in less than five, it died better. Taking anything I was thinking – and I was like going back like this – that was no power dude. That was really like. I, the entire time I was just in a Harrier like this, and they just died. Yeah it's, not gon na happen. Okay, we're gon na get a 15 yeah. I should own 15. Okay, that was a 10. I think at 15, I'm gon na have to really be careful about how I turn trying to make sure that I maybe go bit wider Music Music. Music. Oh breathe, breathe! Here he comes Music. Let me do it like the moment. I just did that right, oh yeah, but you did beat them on 15 amps yeah. Oh, I had him. I was with him if I was racing clean that's, where 15 amps is where we I'd keep up with you that's harder good. Now my problem is I'm. Getting all flustered I felt like. I was right with him: I'm just I'm, getting all flustered when I'm hitting trees. I feel I fly better than this, but you know what else he's got on us here's. What else he's got on us whenever I race the first three practice: heats: 20: 25 laps. Whatever it is, I'm sloppy scrap and then I start to get it and lock it in he's comfortable.

He can learn a new track and just have it locked know all the turns. We need about a half a day of practice and then we'll have him and a 10 in the rematch I'm going for it. You got this man. I got this oh don't, you you going damn it Gaby, really hard you're, not gon na. Let me actually turn. I can fly officially. The only thing you have is being able to hit full from somewhat full throttle I'll put 20 on bar. Well, ah, now don't put no money. This is it. This is well. This is a 10 amp rematch, so Alex I mean so. Whoever wins this one, this is for all the marbles right here, there's arm you're beat. Is he flying? Is he flying it? You flying it? You didn't even get up. I think he's in third right now, he's in third, though he's in third, and you got like a half second lapse. Fine Music wait. Did he pass these? A second opposite? Second, are you kidding me Cory, come on Music it's, a battle between Cory and Vanover. Right now, they're neck and neck, not size of our way up. All right, so 15 is where we could do it bar go borrow one Ellen. I can't I can't. I could have beat him out of ten. I just imply that race Queen the job is myself. I can do so much better than those first last race buddy you gon na race, the right buddy, you got sure you push.

I was surprised that we were able to go down to that low and still be able to keep the quad in the air at all I'm. Just happy. I was so close yeah. Well you a little handicap. You guys. I wanted a Pacey so bad! You know if you're gon na go out there and try and practice flying good lines. Maybe trying to let me be like this is a good way because throw copy my opinion just doesn't, give you the same effect I mean I don't know. I think this is kind of it. What you think. Well, I think yes, because when you set a throttle cap, you are still using the whole range of your throttle: you're not forced to just keep it low for me, that's the big difference when I have a throttle cap and I'm using my full throttle, I just Can'T fly B, that's really weird, but I can fly slow it just down low in the range on the stick. There'S. This sense of consequence here that when he has actual cap, that was true, he's holding yak yeah, but you get full cigarette full range. You with a flubber cap, but with the fuse no next time. I want to do it with like a blasting cap. Then, if you blow the fuse, you're quite explosive really shows the Ohio town that these guys are. I mean even at the with a cap. Well, with a fuse in between these guys are still blowing us away.

Maybe it shows what points we are no we're, not bad back then, just that damn good I'm gon na go that other way. I cry myself it's a night way better. The quads that were flying the HD one spec belt you can get those at the rotor ride store you ain't got ta build them. You can build them if you want to, but you ain't got to DJI goggles bill bill. We got those too and if you want to go fast, you want are the best motors on the market. Hypetrain ban for motors and cameras are available in the road riots, store links and everything in description down below. Thank you guys so much for watching the episode. We love making it for you if you've got any other cool ideas for episodes for anything like this put them into comments, and you know what freestyle competition will take you at freestyle. You ought to go it's here. Applause, Music. I'M. Sorry, 1860, kV.