Let me get it so guys. I have it right here. Right now see here is the con troll, its a its a basic one, you sort of feel like thats, how it goes up and thats what like go forward back side left. I mean right and then left see so up down side side right left up down. So this is like go forward, go back, go right, go left and go up, go up, go down! Go side. Go left, go right, okay, um! So here is the thing itself see ive put it on charge already um see it. Has this little cable at the back that you plug in its a usb thing you can put on a charger and a computer anything its really good anyway. Um! If you look up here, theres an on off button, see if you turn it on it will light up so its blue here and green. As you can see, see blue green um. If you turn that off, you can turn it on by pressing this button. I think its a really cool club, um quadcopter um, its only twenty dollars – i came out at the local camera um just goes near the um dinosaur section. I think it is a toy car drone, yeah drone section and youll find this little guy. It comes in a box that it says, try me and yeah. So here is the controller here is the quadcopter um. Here is the charging thing that i have see its oh frankie, guys sorry hold up Music Music, as you guys can see.

Right now see it is this: is it it is going red and, as you can see, my charging thing is on the green light is on and thats my recording cable. It goes. It plugs all the way see that chord here. The chord runs all the way up into the thing up here, so thats the charging anyway um hi, guys guys. I really think its a pretty good drone um. You have. Oh, my god. I hate this camera um. You have like five, just ive played with it before um earlier i just charging it. You know five to six minutes pop approximately a little approximately of play time so if, after six minutes its pretty cool, but it takes 50 to 40 minutes to charge. So you might want to pop it on charge. Go watch a movie come on, go, get your drone and go play with it. You know. So, if you guys um, really like this video, give it a like thumbs up subscribe turn those perfect location bells on. So you never miss any content and make that a ring, a ding ding, and i hope you guys enjoyed that video. Now, if you got you guys want this, go buy yourself, a freaking quadcopter. If you really love quadcopters or anything good, buy a freaking quadcopter from camera, man dude. What are you doing without a freaking quadcopter right, so 20 bucks only easy money um, i just say, go, buy it um.