Do that? Oh thats, it thats it. Oh it did crash, oh god, its eating itself, alive Applause well adam! Here we are back at the range testing grounds yeah. I remember when we were here last time today were going to test battery range and were going to be cruising behind the drone as its in full stick forward until the battery runs out. That means were not testing. The range of the transmitter were testing. The actual distance that you get on any fully charged battery. I brought the evo 2, the phantom 4 pro 2.0 and our trusty little buddy in the sky, the mini 2 hi mini, and my dji fpv you did yes well well fly. All right were going to start off with the mini 2 ive chosen batteries that i have that are the youngest batteries with similar charging cycle numbers on them. So theres no shenanigans and we got the mini 2 out there. You ready yeah, take off. Oh, this is the best way to fly a drone yeah all right there. We are so im gon na turn around and were just gon na. You think he can keep up with minnie. I think i can keep up with minnie all right here. We go so im gon na give it the beans until we run out of beans. This is a closed road in case anybodys wondering – and this is a sparsely populated area. You can operate a drone from a moving vehicle here, so sparse the smartest, the smartest.

How fast are we going now? Uh 22. wow, its consistent all right? We got our first underpass here. All right come on adam. This is fun right. Yes, Laughter racing, the drone wow. If it drops, i never knew that it started flashing red when the battery was right, low, yeah, it does all right so battery levels low and i canceled out of the return so were gon na just go until it cant until it says landing, yeah thats. Another thing id like to see: does it just say, give up the ghost or does it like at some point its going to be like all right? I dont trust you to control me yeah, im landing. You have no say in the matter right. Man did not think wed run out of road yeah, just saying it. Didnt look like a lot of road ahead as long as theres clear path, well, figure it out: okay, its when we start hitting barriers thats what we got to worry yeah. You know kind of a one take each day, wow wow uh yeah. I think this is about as far as uh go as far as you can. I will im still giving it to beans. I might could get her out here. It might just need some maneuvering. Oh, my god, i cant thats, oh my god, dude! No, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop stop its as far as youre going to go all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! All right! Good! Lord! I mean we can turn around and just go back.

That way, just keep going yeah lets just keep it yeah yeah, okay, yeah! Here i come yeah, we got it, we got to keep going, we got to keep going, you got to get it to zero percent. We got two because i was curious about what would happen: uh catch that drone, okay, all right, low battery im still getting at the beans now its yelling at you. It is low battery return to home promptly. It says: yeah, wow, critically low battery critic, oh ive! Never heard that before yeah thats, a new one, Music im still giving it the beans. Oh, what would it do? What would it do its like an ekg, its, not fun? Its gon na fly its just gon na flatline, oh man, okay, im, giving it full and its its slowing down low battery landing landing. Okay, i can control a little bit of the. You should be able to control the everything but its going to descend slowly yeah. I know i can go back up. I still have a little bit of control, no, its landing its thats, it okay, all right. Well, that was fun that was fun all right. The evo two, all righty electric boogaloo, its gon na, be fast. You ready zoom zoom is that the beans right there thats the beans. Now people are going to say why dont you put it in ludicrous mode because we dont want to drive this car through this in ludicrous mode.

I mean its were 23 24. yeah, so thats comparable to the meaning, love the image from it hate the flight characteristics of it, yep kind of love, the orange of it kind of it helped us find it that one day for sure it does yeah. We already know what happens when the runs out of battery. It falls down in the cord field yeah, but i think were gon na get a lot further. Oh yeah, with this than the mini. Only because well i mean its a larger drone, larger battery yep fast forward, yeah man, if you can keep that right there and in the sights thats such a big heavy drone, though oh, oh, oh, it is its seeing that seeing that and thats, but i have The obstacle avoidance is turned off, so i dont understand whats going on well here it comes again sorry lets have to are you sure you turned off the obstacle avoidance? Yes, some smart hotel user out there be like. Well, you didnt do this yeah right. It says we have 18 minutes left. Okay, if we keep doing this, for 18 minutes were going to be in the next wind Music. I was like you trying to kiss the ground. Okay im going had to cancel to go home. If i post this video in real time, it would be hours heres a three hour: video enjoy okay. What is this up? Chevy? What chevy cruze thats? If you caught toad truck person yeah, i got a chevy cruze, stuck out it where you know on the road.

Thats, not a road. What were yall doing out here, well long story, all right, so ill beans, it till you turn around and then ill beans. It back im assuming eventually youre just going to come over. So yeah ive got you in the crosshairs. Oh, oh! Oh! Oh slow down a little bit. Okay, i was losing, oh god. I just went through some wires. Oh my god! I just i just and i didnt stop. I didnt stop. I saw the wires i was like. Where do you see that wait till you see that here we come past this? Oh yeah, i just went through the wires that could have been hit. Oh my god that nine minutes would have gone by real, quick Applause. Laughter all right get closer. If you can just keep it in there, Music, oh, no, it isnt; no, it is it! No, it is it not. Is it? No? No is it. It is critically low battery warning, okay wow. That was quick. That thing was just like im landing yeah, stop recording. It said it had. Four minutes left you liar Music. Okay, here i am its his favorite drone, my favorite. I love it so much so this is a little different because im going to have to follow the car, okay, hey and go, give it the beans you got ta. Let me know what speed we need to be faster, faster, faster im, im uh im going faster than you im gon na keep it at car.

I can you see it, oh god yeah so just get in front of it. Oh, this is not gon na, be the easiest thing to do: okay, good, all right: okay, thats, good thats, good im going 30 im; oh oh two axis gimbals, making me sick, so um, yeah, im in front of you now hang on im trying to im trying To catch up to you, no thats all right, im working on this and also not trying to hit these bumps at 35. Okay, because here i can tell theres a little bit of i have to make the u turn up here. We do yeah were out of road. Oh no thats right, oh, were about the corn field. Oh turn watch the the wires yeah the wire. I almost got the wires man. These are the same wires. Yeah lets uh. Okay, all right im, gon na just im, gon na give it the beans, give it the beans all right all right. So we got plenty of road now, by the way it is showing the um. The h on the car, like its showing where the controller is in case youre wondering oh yeah, its starting. It counts backwards when we go back the other way so yeah when we go closer to the home point. But im going to put the telemetry up on the screen well have to well have to do a little bit of math for you bump youre, almost up there at the overpass im just got another probably 300 feet: okay, 51 battery full throttle forward.

Im sure you can see me, i just overtook you yep its so weird. This is this: is, oh god, low battery, auto return, turn in seven seconds press the thing: oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, it didnt it didnt low battery return, its returning to home, cancel that cancel it press break button to cancel there. We go okay, all right. I got a thing that popped up thats a service airbag when we hit that bump. Did you yeah? Okay, all right so were 29 28 that percent battery not miles per hour at 28 miles per hour just going under those wires. I i hope it will. Stop me from doing the forward movement because i dont want a nose plant im in your dust im eating your dust eating my dust. Oh my goodness. What do you thinks gon na happen? I think its just gon na land, just like the uh mini dead itll. Stop itll stop the forward movement or just try to land while im going forward like the evo did: okay thats it critical low battery landing in eight seconds, slop stop im still going forward im still going forward. I just passed the car, its landing okay im going to stop forward motion because it will let me do forward. I still have control over it im going to turn around yeah its landing three percent battery – okay, thats it they wont. Let you ascend anymore im assuming no all right, thats it all right.

You stopped all right that was exciting Music. All right, you ready im ready in uh normal, not sport, mode time lets go, go oh its gon na be fast, oh its gon na be fast. I dont think you can keep up all right. Thats got some juice to it: yeah whats, your speedometer, 34., okay, so its already faster than the fpv yeah than every other drone weve tested yep. This has been my workhorse drone for ever yep. This is a little nail biting. You know all right, youre going a little fast. Let me pass you so i can line aside it all right. Oh there we are hey. I see the shadow yeah, you got it all right, all right! Oh my goodness. Im at 53 percent before the pavement runs out. You want to always said itd be easier to turn it out around well before the pavement yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah thats, it all right ill turn around. You can turn around and book it ill turn around ill meet you ill meet you there ready go Music, do Music, get it get it no way. No way. 15 15 its im pushing im trying to push it im, trying to push it im still going forward. Go ahead, its saying its trying to land but im, pushing it catch up to a ketchup im going forward, im im having to do full throttle on the stick and push up im fighting its urge to land yeah.

I know come on because it wants to land but im fighting it. Yeah im gon na have to squirm around it yeah. Oh, look at that. How close was that bird, its very close Music? Needless to say, dont, try this at home dont! Do that? Oh thats! It thats it oh sh. Oh it did crash, oh its eaten its eating itself alive, so put new battery. In about to turn on see its fine. Its a phantom show the propeller marks. You can see the phantom outline yeah hey. That is the best drone on the market been the best drone on the market, since it was new. Look at that thing i love you man come here. Give me a kiss, oh Laughter. I think one of the takeaways from this is not to push the phantom too far.