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  1. I just received one of these today—-pretty excited to learn how to fly drones! Thank you for the video—subbed!

  2. I love playing with this drone. it’s my first so I am a noob😁I can’t figure out how the trim function actually worksany help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable thoughts !!!!!

  4. Long time since you had a post on here,so will see if you're still around.First up that was a Real nice review,very informative and just nice to listen too. I got one of these the other day so I could get a lot of practice in before I upgrade to maybe a DJI Pro or similar.When you did your inside test the Quad was so stable,I know that probably is because you are so experienced with handling it.My Q to you is mine keeps drifting to the side's and I cannot get it to fly straight up ,is there a procedure to calibrate the controller or something ?.I do keep the guards on at the moment,as I'm learning and have taken the camera off….maybe just more practice on my part is all that is needed maybe….but anyway be great if I hear back from you and once again real nice video….cheers Dave

  5. This is a fine option for the beginners, quad is reliable in the air, but the motors cannot bear more than 50 flights in the most cases.

  6. I just got one of these and absolutely cannot figure which app to use for camera…. didn't come in original box

  7. Thanks for the video I'll get one they look good value for money

  8. Mine dident come with a camera where can I get one

  9. What’s the app for the camera?

  10. The controler works from how many meters far

  11. Thank you for a helpful review. I got the cheap version without the camera but was surprised to find it will lift my vivitar action camera so I can do the aerial camera work that I didn't expect.

  12. Só tenho o meu hoje, how do you install the provided SD card?

  13. ….anyone ever noticed that its not "DGI" but DJI

  14. I have the same one! The first time I flew it it ended up in a tree.

  15. I chose this over the blade 200qx as you can stop the props instantly before touching down to avoid breaking the props on undergrowth. Something you can't do with the blade. Also it costs only about a tenth of the cost of the blade.

  16. How do you see what the camera sees?

  17. Bend it, squeeze it, pull itthat is how u take the camera out

  18. Hi I have uploaded the video to help me how to fix my drone its not flying
    and if you please view my Uploaded video in this link https://youtu.be/tKNOynKZR3o to help me fix it thankx

  19. I have the same quad and the camera has 2 screws which attach to the hatch the hatch itself does not come off

  20. This was a popular drone back then.. hahaha

  21. X5C is one of my favorites for general fun outdoor flying. It's super stable, very easy to control, able to handle moderate winds. It is very durable, unaffected by most crashes. Recently I got one stuck in a tree. It was up there for a week, including some periods of severe rain. When it finally fell down to the ground, it was fine! Another thing I like about the X5C is that BNF versions cost around $25, so no worries if it's lost or damaged! Here's a tip I just discovered today: after a crash, one prop was turning slow and making a clunking sound. At the time I could not figure out what was wrong, but with closer inspection I found some dirt stuck in the gears. With a toothbrush I gently cleaned it out, and it flies great again.

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