The bright orange stickers wear a unnecessary addition because they did not stay put on the pad. This is a must for smaller drones. They don’t set high enough to avoid grass or leaves this gives you a simple, velozes, safe and effective way to launch and land your drone, i bought one of these for my international trip. With my drone figured, it would come in handy since i had planned to launch from the beach, and it did come in handy even worked. Bem, when i launched from fields with high ish grass weeds the wife liked it enough that she took it for herself to use with her drone and i ended up having to buy another to use with mine, similar products available from many sources. But this was priced. A little better than the competition, so that was my reason for purchase, was pleasantly surprised at the build quality love how it pops open when ready to use and comes in a carrying pouch click link in description for more reviews.