I also brought another real fpv drone and i have my brother in law, nelson back here, who has his dji fpv drone. Now he is a camera drone guy he’s been flying. Drones for like two years, he’s flown every dji drone, except for the inspire 2 and the phantom, but he’s flowing them all so he’s very experienced, but he’s just entered the realm of dji fpv. So this video is going to be about seeing nelson fly, myself fly and all the experiences, but first let’s get nelson’s. Take. How long have you had this nelson about two weeks? He’S had it for two weeks. Oh and the other thing too is we both had our kovid 19 vaccines, so we can sort of get together a little bit closer without the mass, so he’s had it for two weeks and well here you go hop up here and tell the folks what you Think about it uh in nns mode. I find it very similar to flying the camera modes. The minute you flip over to manual it’s, a whole new world and today i’m, going to be trying to do trying the first steps into understanding the difference and it’s. Clearly. Eu sou., very good at crashing in the simulator so far, Espero que, i’m not good at crashing in real life. This is nelson’s dji, fpv drone and he’s customized it with his own graphics that he’s made himself and it looks pretty freaking cool all right.

Então, first off i have a full real fpv drone. This is the iflight nascal five. This thing is freaking awesome it’s, one of my favorite drones for fpv i’ve got a gopro hero 7 on the front. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to have nelson fly, his dji drone right here right behind and i’m going to try to film with this. I just want to show people in the fpv hobby that think. ó, the dji fpv drone. Why would i ever need that? Bem, i want to show you if you want to film somebody like nelson taking off with this drone with her true fpv drone. This is a 6s battery drone as well well it’s kind of hard to film and keep it stable in the air, because i have to tilt it to get the camera on him. So i’m going to be buzzing around him. I won’t be able to keep it stable, like the dji fpv drone, which i’ll show you later so watch this plop this in the back, so i don’t uh spray crap all over you. Okey. First thing i do is power this on on a real fpv drone, see how my camera is angled, this one and this one yeah that’s. So when you’re flying just like on that, when that goes to the fpv, it lifts the camera yeah so that you fly like this and see straight. I don’t have it tilted too much or else i’ll be going way too fast, more you tilt the faster you go so here’s.

What we do is i’m gon na film you i’ll i’ll, take off yeah come around this way, because the sun’s that way, i’ll sort of be hovering around here or buzzing around you can take off all you’re going to do is going to go straight up higher Than that tree and then i’m going to try to circle and record, you i’ll take off slow i’m. Just gon na go over here. I’M gon na come all the way down here and then i’m gon na spin around okay, Sempre, okay heading up here. I am trying to film nelson’s drone and it’s really difficult on a real fpv drone, because his drone is so small. I got to try to stay under him. Se não, he disappears. His image disappears into the actual uh scenery in the background, and i don’t want to get too close, because this drone i’m flying is way too powerful. So there we go so very difficult to film an object, that’s standing still with an fpv drone, a true fpv drone, which is quite problematic. Okey. Now what we’re going to do? Nelson since i’ve got this battery going remember that race, i said yep. So if you flick it into sport, modo de, Sim, uh and let me know, when you’re ready and to ready to do the course aim it to the course we’re gon na do okay, so i’m i’m in sport and i’m headed towards the river, no don’t go yet I’M going to have to say, go because i’m going to race with you, okey, but i want to follow you a little bit and then see if i can overtake you all right, so what we’re going to do now, como você pode ver, i’m circling nelson here Is we’re going to have a little race he’s going to go in sport mode with the dji fpv drone and i’m going to fly with my drone and see if i can catch up to him or overtake him in sport mode? So here we go on your mark.

Get set three two one go go as fast. You can yep we’re full power, so we’re doing the same race. We have to go to the end of the river right where the river ends and turns into a field and then we’re going to turn and come back and we’re coming back to the parking lot as fast as humanly possible, i’m going to come down low to Buzz nelson should be behind me because this drone is crazy. Rápido, oh há, a tree there i got ta walk. Have you made it back? Não, not even close serious. Where are you i’m just coming over i’m overhead? There finished now wow and you had it in the sport mode in sport mode yeah holy crap. I didn’t notice the speed we had. My gps is working inside this here drone the speed will be shown yeah. I probably lost a little time on the uh on the corner. Applause slewed, my way through the corner all right here we could try it uh. Do it one more time. Yeah i got power. We could try it one more time, so take it up straight up. Yeah and hover it and then i’ll, try so i’m in position ready to go so this is try number two i’m gon na try to find nelson. So i don’t hit him all right. I think i see him now see that little dot that’s nelson i’m gon na get closer. Okey, nelson, you say: go this time.

Three two one: here we go Music at the river making the turn coming to the uh i’m gon na, be at the end of the water right now and now i’m, at the end of the water right now, okey, coming back as fast, you can and buzzing Over us and there there you go, i could hear you yeah. Bem, that was better. You were closer to that yeah. I didn’t lose as much time in the corner, all right i’m, going to land this baby and i’m going to get the dji fpv drone out. I see nelson up there he’s going to land this drone i’ll see if i can film his landing it’s kind of hard because i’m, looking at his drone and trying not to crash this fpv drone into the ground, i’ll come over beside him and come on down. Look at that beautiful shot, linda, Tiro, Music all right, so that was an example using a true fpv drone. You could see this thing can corner like on a dime it’s super fast nelson was in sport mode. The first time left him in the dust, but the second time much much closer and nelson was flying with his left joystick on your controller. He had it down, so i took the spring tension off so today’s the first day flying without spring tension. You had to control the height as well, because if you leave the spring tension in the center, the height remains stable, but if you take it off well, then you have to control the height as you’re moving forward, which is much more difficult.

It gets you ready for manual mode for flying a real fpv drone. Está bem, let’s try our next test. I got ta power up here, i’m recording now so i’m recording you right, nelson’s starting his little drone. So what i’m gon na do is i’ve powered up here and i’m. Just gon na fly up straight and look down at him. Take off really slow and i’ll. Follow you. Music come on up really slow, linda, beautiful yep. You got her there’s nelson, going up i’m following him see. This is the great thing i could never do this with a real fpv drone i’ve got the camera locked on nelson and i’m just yelling here and going up. Ao mesmo tempo. Of course i don’t want to crash into them there we go so nelson. You just go up a little higher. Eu tenho ta, i just got ta follow you up, Continue, keep going there, vamos, stop right. There and i’m gon na come up around you and try not to hit you so stay there i’m going to put it in manual mode, okay and you’re, going to stay behind me on this pass: uh no i’m going to race. You it’d be the same thing. You go as fast. You want okay, so i’m in manual mode now nelson is in front of me i’m flying super fast around him. You probably can’t see him in the image, but we’re gon na have a little race, so i’m gon na go over behind him.

He says he’s at about 30 metros. Oh there he is up there so i’m. em 30 metros. You can see the little dot when we come around you again, nelson. So here we go i’m going to say, go we’re going to do the race again same course. On your mark i’m way behind nelson on your mark, get set one two three go so this is me in manual mode i’m, taking it easy. Bem, okey, i’m screaming a bit manual mode, save idea and at the end of the river and then coming back i’m at the end of the river now i’m screaming i’m screaming i’m screaming there we are. Are you done i’m just coming up to you now i’m, showing 23 24? Now there we go. I hear you i hear you so nelson has to change batteries he’s in front of me watch this i’m going to put an end mode and i should be able to fly like a camera drone. ó, have you landed nelson, Não, eu sou. Right behind you? Oh hang! On a sec, then let me look up all right. Just there you are there. We are geez here i thought you were on the ground. Changing the battery there, you go i’ll land too, all right all set to go i’m. Gon na put this in manual mode i’m in manual mode i’m, gon na go up now. Watch this everybody watching this watch what happens in manual mode when i take off you ready, stratospheric, spaceship speeds watch this all right.

Me conta, when you’re ready to go for our race, okey, Eu sou! Uh ready when you are go anytime, you count it down, go so there’s nelson in front that i’m just i’m whizzing past him. Meu Deus! That is insane. Okey! I’M gon na dive down turn coming back. Look at this through the trees and i’m at the end, gotcha Music, like that last one i saw you going and you you look like you were in turtle mode. When i passed you, it was pretty slow. So nelson is still flying here’s, an image of nelson and i i’m just going to go around the jeep there. We are doing our thing and i’ll just buzz over i’m coming over the top of our heads, nelson, so don’t freak out yeah i’m uh i’m over the field about 20 metros para fora. Okey, Music come down, i’ll catch you in this camera. There we are there. We go nelson filming him landing nice soft landing all right, so what i’m going to do next is i’m going to take my real fpv drone. My iflight drone here i’m going to stick it in angle mode, which is what beginners should all start with when they try to fly fpv and i’m going to let nelson try it just for hovering and we’ll see how he does i’m sure he’s going to do. Really well, but here we go the mode switch we’re going to start off with angle mode and angle mode is going to do this when it flies it can’t flip, it wants to stay stable yeah.

The only thing you have to control is the drift, so it it has no gps in it. Então você sabe, like you said, with the wind blowing yeah. It might go this way or that way you just have to try to keep it stable, so roll the roll angle is restrained but everything else, but i can translate and yaw yes exactly now. I have a 4s battery. This is a 6s drone. So when you put a 4s battery on a 6s drone, it reduces the amount of power to the motors yeah. It will not be as punchy i’m going to do it first, just to make sure there’s nothing weird, because it is a very powerful drone. Stick it in angle mode i’ll hit the arm button in angle mode. That also means the movement is relative to me uh. Bem, it can be anyway, se você, if you yaw and it’s looking at you, then everything’s opposite okay but i’m. Thinking back to the typhoon. H, Ângulo, mode and uh, one of them is it’s relative to you. It doesn’t matter which way you’re pointing no that’s called um headless mode. Oh sorry, so angle, so this is normal mode: okey, Sim, por isso é, just normal, so i’ll take it up. Won’T see it’s! Very slow not too powerful, yeah i’m using very little power on the throttle. I get it up and yeah it’s very easy to fly. I could catch it with my hand if i wanted to so.

If it goes up and down like that, uh don’t do this and give it lots of throttle yeah just take it easy and if you see things going sideways like holy crap, there’s a switch here. So a little arm switch yeah. Este aqui., yeah you’re gon na pull it the opposite direction, so you’re gon na pull it this way towards me. So a lot of people when they fly fpv they keep a finger on the arm switch, so they can just move it up and down do whatever they want and that that’s uh, auto land or is it cut the motor cuts, the motors so it’s a uh With the elon musk call it a uh terminal event or something yes that’s it so try not to arm it when it’s way up in the air, because you’re gon na destroy some things on it, but uh yeah just keep it, keep it low and uh. The other thing, também, é: if things are going, sideways, kill the throttle yeah, it will just crash and land the the motors when you kill the throttle they don’t stop. You have to hit this after, but at least it will land, and then you hit this. Okey. All right so i’m gon na give you this okay. So it goes up hover at the three to four foot level and then, o que você fizer, don’t yaw it. So it you lose orientation, and this switch is in the safe position so i’m just going to make sure that’s an angle so hit that the motors will start hit this in just the opposite of what it is there.

You go motor started, Sim, okey, so have a finger ready on that yeah and slowly on the the throttle you’ll see each arm will lift up nicely and you’ll be going. This is nelson’s first time with a real fpv droad Music. Now you’ll get the wind effect as soon as you start to get off the ground Music, and then you have to just steer it forward backwards, get really really soft motions. Aí está., he’s got it where that throttle is sensitive yeah. If it’s getting away from you exactly just drop it down, it’s very obvious that you can get into pio. Em outras palavras,, you start to chase the deviation and you over correct and then you under correct and overcorrect over under correction that’s uh, sim, you’re exactly right and that’s, the biggest problem beginners have over and under correcting so it’s very tiny movements. This doesn’t have an angle mode. Bem, it does you have to set it up in the goggles i’ve seen some people use this it’s kind of funny. They they fly it and because it doesn’t flip or anything they think it’s in angle mode, and then they complain about it on youtube, a bunch of goofballs. You have to set it up in your goggles, so you go in acro mode beginners now. But when you try to practice on yours with uh flying line of sight, you’re going to fly in acro mode, which is much more difficult than what you just did yeah so because it’ll have it’ll, have the roll element right, oh my god yeah.

So let me put in this: i don’t have the goggles on and i’m going to try it now. I’Ve never tried it before. This is my time line of sight. Acro mode with this thing, Está bem. Look at the roll on that that’s terrible yeah. This would be hard for a beginner to try to fly this line of sight in acro mode that i will give you my opinion now honestly. This would be difficult for a beginner to try to do what i’m doing i’m glad you’re doing it because that’s what i was going to practice in about 15 minutos. I think i’ll practice that yeah. That is quite difficult. It doesn’t because it’s so it’s, because it’s so fat and heavy it doesn’t fly and it’s not balanced. Like my little drone down here, yeah it’s got a bit of inertia to it too, like you could see as you change direction. Yeah it’s just goes it’s swinging back right, Sim, então uh, Sim, you’re gon na need you’re gon na need with this one. You’Re gon na have to have the goggles on and be flying way up in the air and just take your chances all right. So you’ve seen in this video, the dji fpv drone mine and nelson’s nelson’s got his someplace there. Itis, and you saw a normal uh true to life fpv quad the differences, how hard it is to to fly them and what you can do with this.

A real one and what you can do with this, the dji one. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and before i go, i just want nelson final words on flying this baby uh. Em primeiro lugar, it’s good to have some instruction. Se, without instruction, i probably would have plowed it into the ground, the fpv one looks like fun this one here i have not yet put in the manual i’m keen to give it a try and we’re going to do that off camera. So the next time i’m.