Nano Quadcopter Review Round Up!

It is a round-up of all of the nano quadcopters I’ve reviewed, as of December 15th, 2014. Please see beneath for hyperlinks to all the total opinions. Get pleasure from! -Flyin’ Ryan …


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  1. Great video comparison, how did you made the landing boots?

  2. I would have preferred if you had made the recommendation of your favorite

  3. Amazing Video As Always! 😀

  4. i wish that i have all of them or anay of them

  5. You don't have U207 ufo intruder

  6. Which nano/micro drone is in between beginner and advanced

  7. Please would you send me one, qualquer um, plz

  8. among this quadcopter which is under 5 pound??

  9. +Flyin' Ryan RC What's your favorite and why?

  10. which is the best for in home flight?

  11. Hey Ryan! Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your videos, I'm from Australia and don't make a purchase without watching your videos first. This is why i am a little confused! In this vid you say the Blade PICO in one of you favourite nano's But in the PICO review you mention the twitching issues etc. Did you get a third pico that worked fine or why the change of opinion. I wanna get one but dont know if i should jump in?

  12. Ryan do you plan to make an updated version of this?

  13. so other Ryan here which is your top pick?

  14. got a question for youwhat difference is there, if anyin the 3 blade props on the Kyosho Quattro X and the 2 blade props on the Cheerson CX-10 ?

  15. hey guy , sorry for the translation Englishvery cool your collection! ….here in my country we do not think helices guards as you have, for cx-10..if I send the amount by paypal u send me one !? obrigado!

  16. where do you get landing feet for the cheerson cx-10

  17. Just bought a cheerson cx10c, still can't believe it has a camera!😀

  18. I'm buying this mini drone on amazon

  19. do any of these have live cameras and if not do have any recommendations?

  20. wich is the best
    is the hubsan q4 breaking fast with this propeller holders with the howls in it

  21. I am getting a Cheerson CX-10. I am very interested to see how it works.

  22. SOCORRO,i have Syma X11C Hornet,BUTD after a little crash its now SLOWLY ROTATING,could this be because of props or also other issue like the Shield/Quard(not shore how to call the outside protector thing)do you have any advise?

  23. Hey Ryan , do you have anything I can text you on because I have a question on mine hope you see it or anyone else my snapchat is " ivan_montes209" and so is my Instagram and my fb is Ivan montes . Hope someone can help me out ASAP

  24. Do you have a Blade Pico QX link yet?

  25. Loving the videos! Are there any Nano's that you can control 3 different copters in the same location?

  26. Ryan, can u do the video about this boots on quads, pls. Want to get my own 😀

  27. hey man i just wondered,, what nano has the best battery life,, i was wanting a cheerson cx10A, or i was wanting one in a simular size but with a better battery, todas as ideias, obrigado

  28. where to find those things in actual physical store in the states!

  29. I got a Syma x7 and it the motor blown out so I'm looking for a good one.
    I got I video of it on my channel

  30. which one is the fastest in speed and yaw rate

  31. my hubsan and cheers on have broke because one propeller doesn't spin on bot of them can some one tell me why

  32. What are "modes" when finding a quadcopter?

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