My RYZE/DJI TELLO Drone Flew Away! Gone With The Wind

The Tello is a superb indoor drone and a horrible outside drone when there may be wind. Watch my Tello get blown 200 metros de distância. The Tello’s onboard system to detect motion and convey it to a hover, is just not that nice within the wind.

RYZE Tello:
GoPro Hero 5:
GoPro 3-Means:

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  1. Why didn’t you just jump the water with your motorcycle? Or pole vault over 🤣

  2. The moment I saw the "you better run after it" I cracked 😆😂😆 funny and sort of informative video too! ri muito

  3. Did you take your pole back to the garbage?

  4. Ótimo vídeo! Very resourceful recovery! I'm impressed. Sucks you forgot your mic but very much enjoyed this. Had a great laugh. I shared this video on RedFlagDeals in a Tello forum post, you'll likely see a nice bump in views today.

  5. Great video again and funny. Thanks also for the info about my unstable spark. You were right, I had it in FPV mode. I am only used to Yuneec, but I am learning.

  6. I had a drone called the 007 and the wind got it and blew it out into the bay, I watched it keep going until it lost signal and dropped into the bay. It had a video card too. I hope the fish enjoyed the video

  7. You handled that much better than I would.
    My meltdowns over my drone have been epic
    but I'm getting better, hence the name of my channel
    it's my form of anger management therapy

  8. Its obvious you bought the china version ! I am guessing you bumped the RTH button and it headed back to China? LOL great Video : )

  9. haha.
    Funny video.
    Obrigado pelo Conselho!

  10. Almost as funny as me losing my Eachine E58 in the wind! See the video today!

  11. Nice bike by the way. . 👍

  12. Don't you just hate forgetting stuff when you go to a shoot. I have forgot my mic at least 5 vezes. I should tie it around my neck the night before.

  13. My Tello seems like a turd, no range at all. It starts breaking up after 30 pés. The Mambo is much better

  14. Ummmmm Captainummmm please don’t take offense… mas….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. not that it flew away, but your music, comentários, and resourcefulness along with the sound effects from you!!! Freakn epic!!!!….😂😂😂😂😂.:: nine lives!! Excellent recovery!!!🤣🤣💕

  15. Good save!
    My Tello dose the same thing
    Seems like it takes a second to record the ground, but if there’s wind it just won’t see it and gone it is
    Works awesome in light wind

  16. Moral of this story- don't fly underpowered brushed drones in the wind!

  17. Today my tello flew away too, but im didn't find them. Im sure it was stolen. Im very sad.

  18. Steve…it's a piece of sh%%t bin it, can't believe how bad that thing is

  19. (Dica) BE MORE CAREFULL!!!!!!

  20. all us Drone people, we have all been there one way or another and we understand. The worst for me was to lose a small drone that flew a few 100 meters away and landed in the tall grass never to be found to this day.

  21. Its easy to stablize the tello in the wind you just have to catch it in enough time before it goes anywhere too far

  22. Funny video. I just got a Breeze 4K at half price. I may get this also!

  23. So how much wind is windy? I'd like to know that before I fly it 🙂

  24. Nice bike. I ride an old stupid-zuki. Joe Rocket makes the best jackets. Idk why people automatically write them off. I've had too many "high end" jackets/gloves that turned out to be crap compared to JR; I just stick with JR now.

  25. Hello Captian , Eu tenho uma pergunta , I visiting NYC next July , almost all the city is a restricted fly zone , can I fly a Tello there for selfies , because it is a toy drone and doesn't need to be registered , obrigado

  26. You should have used the throw and go feature lol

  27. I was stupid enough to do our first outdoor trial on a lake and saw the drone got carried away in a split second and couldn't bring it no matter what 🙁

  28. Fake video or you are such an idiot. 😀

  29. Ahahaha enjoyed this! Mas, why dont you people just decrease throttle to zero, few seconds after you relize you have lost control over it. I dont get it.

  30. Just like there are indoor cats and outdoor cats, there are indoor drones and outdoor drones. The Tello is definitely an indoor drone!

  31. The best way to start Tello in the wind is by throwing from your hand, it immediately fight the air and stay in position.

  32. Video legal, could have been my story. Lost my Tello yesterday in the wind, flew up to 29 m. Oh bem, XMAS is right around the corner.( This will be my third Tello, in three months).

  33. It will happen everytime if you keep using it with prop guards, without them you will have WAY better control

  34. Man that Tello flew away fast lol, Nice looking bike too.

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