iFlight TurboBee 120RS – Reveja & Voar

iFlight TurboBee 120RS: – iFlight: http://bit.ly/TurboBee120RSiFlight – Banggood: http://bit.ly/TurboBee120RS-BG (Cupom: toyho) ▻ Advisable Lipo

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  1. Was looking through Banggood and Gearbest at some of those toothpick frame quads I think it's the best way you can stick a bunch in your cart and you can read up on them easily. I was checking out the IFLIGHT and I was Impressed by what you get so I look up your video's again and then here we go again. I need something I can fly up and down my street and no one cares.

  2. Nice review Bro! Biggest problem with Sailfly is the Crazybee F4 Pro V2 FC! It's a defective waiting to happen! I'm 0 para 3 and that board it's now DEAD TO ME! 😢💩💩💩😵 This iFlight frame and b0ard lo0ks go0d! Thanks for showing it to us! How's the reliability of the Succex board going so far? 🤔

  3. Nice comparison to other top models! Bom vid!

  4. grande revisão! Concise and informative, with skilled flying. This seems like a nice model, but I wonder if it should be considered to be a "toothpick" classe, or perhaps the next step up, like a more modern Full Speed 120? When the "Toothpick" class was defined 4 months ago it was a flight weight of 39-70g, and either 1S or 2S. A believe it was described as "super simple, small and safe". Once we get to 90-100g rocking 3S or 4S, that seems like a different beast. It's a fun beast, but it sure seems different than my Mobula7 guts mounted on the Primo 110mm frame with a 2S fly weight of 45g.

  5. Wow finally a micro done exactly how I would do it. Only thing I would have used 1106 motors on a tad lower kv (that they produce aswell)

  6. GAL, thank you so much for doing such a nice job of covering specs, impressions and most importantly your opinion in around 6 minutos… that's GOLD! THank you!!!

  7. What DVR are you using? because the quality is diabolically poor Gal

  8. Gal kremer : Will the Fat Shark HDO FPV Goggles work with these ?

  9. Fantastic flying, GAL! grande revisão!!! 😃
    Questão: do you think the 65mm props would fit there?

  10. Can't you add an external RX to the sailfy and just bypass the internal one?

  11. Amo a revisão… any chance you can show LUA script set up with this version?

  12. I want this more then any drone!!!! Man i love it!!!!!! Hope one day i can get one!!!!
    grande revisão!

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