2 drone let’s get into it. So i guess i am outside now outside of my garage and i don’t know why i didn’t do inside what am i doing and it’s so cold outside. So let me just you know before we actually, the fight review i’m gon na like draw a view of it and then i’m gon na do the flight review. So first i’m gon na go like a view of it out here, i’m going to show you the box drawing everything. So here is the box face side. I know i throw the top back heading hold time. It has a max of 15 minutes and then it charges like like such a long time. It also comes with two batteries and it’s so easy just to take out. I’Ve already did it and it also has a camera which is wi fi control. So you need to be in like controlled, wi fi to do it, otherwise the pretty sure the camera won’t work. You can also control it from your iphone. Also has an out of range alarm and a little battery line and i’ll tell you one thing: the low battery alarm is super. Annoying just keeps beeping and beeping and beeping. It should just stop at a point i mean like we know, and then the other range is less annoying. Você sabe, i guess it’s discovery, two drone equipped with 120 Graus, wide angle, 720p, hd, Wi, fi camera. I wonder how bad the discovery one drone was.

If this is this bad see, i’ll show you a picture. Butcher has an aerial. Fotografia, takes aerial videos and photos with i’m, not sure what the aerial means rubber damping camera 120 Graus. I could we already went over this. It can take pictures videos. I haven’t really tried it because it’s the app is so bad. I can’t even do it. Oh yeah here’s the battery right here, yeah right here, the battery it’s like very thick. ó, i don’t know you can also do a virtual reality, but i don’t even have a vr. I had to do it in the beginning with you can also get the app in the app store or the google play store on android Applause box i’m. Not gon na go off the rest, you can like see it. If you want okay, that’s pretty much it on how this can i guess now. Let me show you the drone. Este é o zangão. They also gave me four extra propellers i don’t know. Bem, i guess i guess it’s normal to give it see camera trying not to cut touch the lens, otherwise it’s gon na probably break i’d like screw both of these like things on and actually like unscrew it again, because it was so annoying see the name pretty Sure it’s gon na freeze, Oh sim, here’s the battery slot and the on button on off button. The battery saw like i can like poke my nail and pull it out since i have gloves it’s so cold outside i can’t i’m, não gon na.

Do it right now, Eu sou, not gon na show him this video. Desculpe por isso.. Oh yeah controller controller Applauseit does have a like. It also has an automatic land and liftoff button. In case you don’t want to do a manual in case you can’t do it. I don’t know what these two buttons dude, because they literally do nothing. I tried it. It literally does nothing well, this is so this button is like to go up and up and down this to move like left right. Tudo, Oh sim. This is the on button. Later practice you for the review of it, and i also give you a fight review of it too so i’m, just gon na be i’m just gon na turn the camera around and show you the flying of it. Okay let’s get into it. Okey, rapazes, como você pode ver, the camera’s turning around the drone is all the way over there i’m on the back of the camera yeah. If you think about connecting it, you have to actually do something to connect. You have to like turn this, like this thing around a little bit as you can see disconnected. Otherwise it will just stay like that and not connect that’s the stupid part about this. Okey, so let’s fly it. ó, i should get the camera angle. Okey, i don’t want to really block the junk drop either so i’ll just stay over here hope you can see me, but i have the cleanup.

So i guess oh, my gosh, the strong winds are so annoying. I hope you guys can see me. Okey, i moved to the back of it, so the back of my camera because i don’t i don’t know if you guys can hear me, but i was just saying stuff over there, so i just decided to get over here like i know you can hear me Because i don’t have like a microphone or anything to connect myself, so i don’t know so i feel like okay, caras bem. I know why it’s back on there, so the thing is, i had a problem with my other camera. It just ran out of charging so and i have to use a different camera andand i think this camera is much better, so let me just continue, refining it and then we’re gon na end, this video soon i’m just lift off quick. I actually don’t know what the height limit is for. This is okay don’t, mind the beating, sorry about that guys. Okey, i guess i should end this video early and also okay, one second. Let me plan this thing. Okey, you can also tell that, if it’s um out of charging that if it the lights on the drone itself, are blinking, then you’ll know that it’s starting to run out charging and then you’ll like really know that and then it’s not and then, when it’s out Of range it like only the your like controller, will make a noise, and the drone will not like blink any lights.

Only like that that’s, Como aquele, okey, i’m gon na end this last video off soon because it’s out of back charging. My drone and i’ll run this video off of my house yo. I am back in my house, everyone and yeah now, and that is pretty much it for today’s video.