A portable drone it’s got gps 4k camera it’s got a nice little controller. Você vê, it’s got gps one. One key return: modo sem cabeça. Altitude hold that’s because it’s got gps, it’s an hd camera. You can change the speeds on it. Você pode ver. This is the forge. It’S got the 5g wi fi it’s 4k camera in the box get a couple extra propellers, screwdriver and a micro. Usb charging cable got a whole bunch of manuals here. This one tells you how to contact them. If you have any problems, you want to do a review. This one’s just got a whole bunch of different languages in it. This looks like the english one. You know this one’s also got a bunch of different languages in it too, por isso é, really not that bad looks like only this. Much is english, so it looks like it gives you some troubleshooting, the different modes, how to fly it, how to set it up, make sure you get connected to the satellites to make sure gps is working before you take off, gives you the different buttons and different Things that are on the drone and on the controller, tells you all the buttons you do need four aaa batteries for the transmitter. It does not come with that, so you need those it’s got buttons on the front of the controller for speed and orbit. Take pictures and video to the box itself, you got the controller, looks like with a nice a little cheat sheet on here.

Kind of tells you what the different buttons are. You got an emergency stop button. If you push that thing, it’s gon na drop out of the sky that’s better than losing it, i guess or hitting something it tells you how to calibrate the compass and the gyroscopes, how to connect it to the controller to the drone found. Your basic controller got your on and off switch here, got some lights here, and here looks like these antennas are just for show. I don’t see any wires going to them, not even sure why they put them on here anymore. You got your bone holder down here at the bottom, not a big fan of these. I kind of got a big band or a big bone that’s hard to put in on this, and these are kind of cheap. You have to be a little careful make sure your bone doesn’t fall out of that that’s, where the batteries go that’s. What screwdriver is for, they do give you prop guards, never use them all they normally do is. If you hit a tree, these get stuck up in a tree makes it harder to get out of. If you’re gon na fly around people or places you might want to bounce off of maybe you’re flying it in your house. For some reason maybe put these on. Then you have the drone itself, you see folded about the size of my hand, it is pretty light. I think this is just over the limit for the faa.

You might have to register this technically. I probably won’t so being a light drone like this, i would say you need zero to very light wind or even with gps. It might get pushed around a little gps should hold it right in location and not move, but i think, if there’s heavy wind, this is going to probably still move it’s pretty light. So the arms just pulled out these breakaway folding propellers, which i like it’s, got a proprietary battery on the back here comes out: pretty easy: é, uma 1200 ml amp 7.4 volt battery there’s a port on the side here, for that usb charging cable probably takes an Hour or so to charge this maybe a little longer, and you do get about 15 16 minutos fora deste, depending on how you do if you use gps or the camera that will change it or how much wind there is. I said you got 4k camera. It manually adjust up and down you can’t, do it with the remote, so you’re gon na have to play with that and see where you want that to start with. I said this just snaps back in here. You hear it snap, get your antennas on and off button push and hold that i, like these lights, it’s pretty sweet it’s got lights on the back, so we’re gon na take this out and apply it. Okey, quick out to get this thing up and running to start with, so first you got to download the eachine tech app right there.

So once you get that installed, you go into your settings. Turn the drone on it’s going to transmit and put its wi fi out there. You want to connect to it with your device once it comes up so there it is it’s wi fi by g 4k, connect to that so now, you’re actually connecting to the drone. Now you do have to be a little careful if you’re like within your range of your wi fi. If it kicks you off of this and connects to your wi fi, like your house, wi-fi, you’re gon na lose connection to the drone. It should return to home, but i’m just warning you so then you open the app i already have it picked. You can go through here and pick the different models they have it’s. The e520s hit go fly. Now you can see the video that it’s seeing it’s saying there’s no gps signal. So then you turn the controller on. You can hear it beep connected. Now you have to calibrate this. So first you got ta do the gyroscopes. So it knows this is flat and this is how it should be when it’s flat. So you push these both down to the bottom right corner. You hear it beep everything’s flashing faster now, está calibrado. So now you got to do the gyrus or the gps. So you push the calibration button here and you can see on the app it tells you what to do so.

Primeiro, you want to turn it counterclockwise three times you hear it beep. So now it’s saying that’s done so now you want to turn it up. So the camera is facing up and turn it clockwise three times, and it shows you that in the app too now you hear beep so now the satellites or the gps is now ready to go. So now all it’s looking for is satellites. So let me take this outside cause. It’S gon na struggle finding them inside and on here. It tells you all. The things you need to know tells you how many satellites you got the distance away from you now. This did say in the book that you can adjust this camera by pushing the camera button, but i don’t think that’s true, i think just pushing the camera button just takes pictures, Sim, Isto é, all that’s doing it’s not moving the camera, so that’s not really true.